Off And Away…

Happy Friday Followers.
So a friend of mine suggested yesterday that I blog my kids as well as my animals.

So maybe the title should have read Kids Say The Darndest Things
That line was taken by a television programme hosted by Tony Danza if I remember correctly.

I love listening to my kids and the most hilarious “gems” that flow out of their mouths at sometimes the most inopportune times.

Its not only my kids that I enjoy but I find immense enjoyment from reading friends FaceBook posts about what their kids are saying.

A recent one I particularly enjoyed was
“my son tells me his sister looks like a chinese baby and wants to know what will happen when she starts to talk because he doesn’t speak chinese? :)”

Then I have another friend who articulates what her kids say perfectly.

Gracie: we mustn’t say toilet words,Mum.
Me: what are toilet words?
Gracie: ruse words we are only allowed to say in the toilet – like poo, bum, fart, poop, kill, shut-up and also the f-word.
Me: (gulp) the f-word??? What is the f-word?
Gracie: (wide-eyed) I don’t know! Shay hasn’t teached it to me yet.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Poor Shay only ever said it once and definitely won’t again. I guess Gracie will have to remain clueless 🙂

Over the weekend this was the scene in our house.
Paint it in your mind…

My kids were mucking around.
Next thing I knew, I had two very upset children. What’s the story I asked.
Fairy says: “Mom we were playing, Tristan’s foot went back and kicked my bum. Now his foot and my bum are sore!” 

These little insights certainly make the dullest day brighter.

This brings me back to recent goings on in our house.

Our Fairy has been over excited because of her first over night camp with her school.

Its a big year for her as she graduates from junior school and has more “privileges” like being able to audition for the school choir, which of course she is now a member of.

My son has been explaining to her about all the things he did at the “Spirit Of Adventure” camp four years ago.
Her teacher has also been prepping the grade three’s, so that these littlies don’t end up in tears on their first trip away from mommy.

My fairy is certainly in a class of her own.
About a month ago she already put her order in for a PINK sleeping bag. Yes, as much as I hate to say it, my daughter is madly in love with the colour I swore as a fervent student of Mrs. Marais, my high school art teacher, “My daughter would NEVER wear kitch PINK!”

Last week my husband and I were privy to her cabin planning.
After naming the list of six girls who she would be nominating to sleep in “her” cabin. She proclaims
“… I only want the nice girls in my cabin mom”

This week the excitement in our house peaked and confident miss was out to play in full and poised delicacy.
In one instance we heard about my sons adventure climbing down the dam wall.
I said to Fairy: “Please be careful on the wall, you’re a little girl, you know.”
I was expecting something on the lines of – yes mom, but instead I received an ultra confident “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be using a zip line.” From Ms. Fairy.
I think she was getting tired of my concern by the time we got to
“Fairy, please be careful when you build rafts…” as I was stopped in my tracks with
“YES MOM. We WILL be using life jackets.”

So I wasn’t as confident a Miss as my Miss Fairy. So I may have gone a little over board.

A mom can never prepare her kids enough.

So after many I’ll miss you’s, and packing of increasingly PINK items, as well as some blues. (They were instructed to bring old clothes. To her disgust old clothes meant taking a jacket that belonged to her brother)
I went to see Ms Fairy off at the bus.

Standing with a mixed group of parents with the same intention as mine.

Ms Fairy arrives at the school gate, with a rather heavy school bag on her back, sleeping bag and padkos in hand and says
“Mom! My neck is attached to my back and its bloody sore!”
Not really knowing where to bury my head as below my feet was a tarred pavement – I answered “Its not far to walk to the bus my love, then you can put your bag down.”
With a background of giggles from the parents around me.

And off she went blowing kisses as she climbed onto the bus and left on her adventure.

I have to add that at home the animals have been rather out of sorts because Ms Fairy is not around. This morning, I went to wake my son to get ready for school and Blu and the gang of kitties went to stand at Fairy’s door. Two paws to the door and a confused look in my direction to say – aren’t you going to wake the madame up?
Later Kitt Kitty tried his luck opening the door and sniffed around to maybe catch her scent.

Wish I could explain to them that she’ll be home later this morning.
With many stories in technicolour as only she can tell them.

Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

Do try and comment ↓ below ↓ on this post and tell me how it works for you.

Love and light.

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About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. Tilanie Meierhans

    Absolutely gorgeous D – definitely carry on writing these snippets or blogs or whatever you want to call them 🙂 xx

  2. Second try (his is new to me. Love the blog. Why do photos look elongated, perhaps its on the phones that this happens ?

  3. Loved this new blog. Only photos are elongated? Look forward to seeing more. Hope this works!

    • Yes it has worked!
      Glad you liked the new format.
      The photos elongate on the mobile format. Apparently they are fine on the pc browser.

      Thanks for the first comment!! 🙂

      • Waaaaaahahahahahaha!
        This is why I want kids some day.
        Your daughter is precious.
        Bless her.

        This seems far easier than blogger. 😉

        You have a wonderful weekend too!

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