Arf, its meeeee, Blu Poopie Doo, Bat dog extraordinaire.

I heard that mommy opened an account at this new place that’s simpler to use on mobile phones.

It isn’t a problem for me. I have cats with small claws to do my dirty work.
(Definitely not that BIG FAT cat Mimmo, she has had, what mom calls PMS this weekend.)

I am THE boss of Stig and Kitt and the Kittens, *sigh* the kittens.

My mommy, daddy, brother and sister adopted me at the SPCA. I was surrendered as UNWANTED.
I waited patiently in my kennel until I saw people passing by and really put on my best smile for every one who visited.
It was my brother and sister who found me and my mom and dad’s heart melted.

My mom had a BIG Dobermann before me and she says I’m a perfect little Dobermann.

I have cats for furry brothers and sisters and they think I’m a HECTICAT. 😉

I heard mom say she signed a sterilization contract. Now I know why my favourite bits are missing.
Mom looks after these kittens, little terrors if you ask me. They steal the food from my bowl and I have to BEHAVE!




I love chewing. Its not my problem that dad forgot to buy biltong!

And MOM! What happened to those yummy peanut butter hoofs?

Until you hand over the merchandise I’m holding all bottles HOSTAGE!!

And while we’re on the subject… Those bits that went missing when I visited the vet… I WANT THEM BACK!

If you missed the weekend jokes be sure to check them out too. (Saturdays post had a huge number of reads) I have been adding new bits and pieces – do let me know what you think ↓↓ in the comment section below↓↓ Have a super Blu Monday. From Me and Blu.

Will you share this post? ↓↓ *Thank you*


About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. So this does seem to be a lot better. Lets hope that they keep this page going better than the last one we were on. I am busy moving my things over from the previous site to this one. Hope this one works just as well.

    • It is a thousand times better.
      Be sure to download the BB app too.
      It gives you stats, (where the refer came from; how many views in a day; how many views / post)

      And you can answer comments off bb too. And so easy.

      Thought you may move too.
      Hope you have a super Monday will check out your page now too. 🙂

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