Happy Birthday Uncle Al

This year, instead of using our “wonderful” postal service, I have designed birthday cards for those I care about.
Today instead of getting a simple design, my Uncle gets a blog post.

My Uncle has been one of the constants in my life.
He tends to say “I love you” just at the key moments when you needed to hear it most.

My favourite moments with my Uncle was going for walks at Emmarentia Dam or Zoo lake and feeding the ducks.
I remember one occasion when I was bathed and in slippers when he came to fetch me with Aunt Sandi.
I was told many times to stay away from the edge of the water because I had already been bathed and WOOPS, in I went. Wet blue slippers. I can’t remember my reaction but I think its one of those comedic moments in your life that are just meant to happen to give you your “licence” to learn the next lesson.

My Uncle met my daughter when she was a few months old, on one of his visits from Johannesburg. The two of them had such an instant connection, that he became the perfect choice for her God Father. She would sit with him like I sat with my Gramps. She even stopped being a mini crawling “electrician” at all electrical points in granny’s house.
My Uncle has MS and even though I know it is difficult, Ms Fairy is always the princess of his “limosine”, what normal people call a walker…

Well, Uncle Al, before I waffle on too much, I hope you have a really happy birthday.

The Princess and Tris wish you a happy day too.

I hope you have a nice big slice of chocolate cake, that’s just as nice as the ones gran baked.
My mom and uncle would instigate the flopping of my grans cakes when they were children. They would go to the guests other wise! 🙂

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

Will you share this post? ↓↓ *Thank you*


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  1. Happy birthday to your uncle Di.

    Hope he had a lovely day.

  2. What a lovely blog. Always nice to read things you remember. I am sure Alec will be happy to read this. Lots of love.

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