Labour Pains – Laughs

I have so many friends in the early stages of pregnancy, and friends with tiny babies at the moment.

Makes me wonder about a baby boom 😉 *laughs*

No actually it has me thinking about my kids and their journey into this world.

I was newly married when we saw the first scan of our little bundle. A few days later while watching a new episode of ER we saw another scan of an even tinier bump.
My husband was very excited to note that his baby already had fingers and toes.

And then the cravings started.

I dreamed about all the sweet stuff, gouda cheese, paw paws, jelly and custard, coconut ice, and naartjies. I was the healthiest pregnant lady, I ate so many, I think my boy may have naartjie juice in his veins. Thank heavens there was a housewives market just up the road from where we stayed.
Where ever we went I was there with my easy peel citrus fruits and a bag for the remains. I doubt even nature could decompose such a vast amount of peels.

Jelly was a real issue. I couldn’t wait for the jelly to set so would dip my finger into an open packet like it was sherbet.

With my daughter it was the complete opposite. I all of a sudden I loved fish paste samies. YUCK!
My husbands nemesis was jars of mild dill gerkins. He would ensure that two jars were in the trolley on shopping trips- one for the trip home and one for later. He knew full well that if there wasn’t a back up bottle he’d be missing a rugby match or something of the like, so he could manage yet another run to the pickles aisle.

Once the little tykes began to kick, and found it fun to be wide awake at night, I thought that sleep was distant memory. Until one night I slept with my little soccer playing bump in hubby’s back. Wonder of wonders the little soccer star turned and kicked his dad in the back and I had a wonderful nights sleep. Hubby complained bitterly – and to his disgust I remembered this little trick when the Fairy decided to be a ninja in the night.

If you don’t understand how hard a baby can kick imagine this. Both the soccer star and the ninja could easily bounce a TV remote control around on my tummy.

Pregnancy was fun and games 😉

Not as much fun as labour and birth. Seriously.
I was super well planned. I was well educated on all the in’s and out’s and maybe a little unwillingly, so was hubby.

My boy did not want to enter the world – he took his sweet time, he made us wait a good 36 hours. I wonder what the heck he was doing? My womb must have been kitted out with some awesome gadgets for him to want to stay there so long.

I was eventually wheeled into the delivery ward and we had heard that the anaethiatist was en route to administer epidurals.
All I was thinking was “YAY” when we heard a really loud THUD in the delivery room next door.

When the doctor came in he was giggling uncontrollably. The story goes that the husband in the room next door saw the epidural needle, passed out and needed to be stitched up by the gynae before baby could be delivered.
So my preggie fairy friends, note to yourselves. WARN those men of yours. Ha ha.
Just goes to show, us ladies live up to our steel magnolia name. 😉

Fairy’s labour was a completely different issue. When she decided it was time she wasted no time dilly dallying.
From waters breaking to Fairy pushing herself out took exactly 15 minutes. If it wasn’t for a quick thinking husband, Fairy would have literally been born in the toilet.

When my gynae arrived he said “next time tell me to put my foot flat on the accelerator!”
Fairy was being cleaned and checked when the anaethiatist arrived.

So Ja, pregnancy and labour isn’t a horror story like those old wives told me. Yes sure, its painful but there are moments that are priceless and you will certainly remember those over any bad experiences.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me.

I certainly enjoyed it.

Will you share this post? ↓↓ *Thank you*


About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. Can you believe it was so long ago! Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Lovely blog. Enjoyed reading it.

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