Rocky’s New Life.

About two or three months ago I got a message on my Di Doodles page of a lady looking for a big size doggy to adopt. She wanted a doggy that would be a friend and protector to her children.

We started out on a quest that I really never thought would take so long.

Michelle had her heart set on a Boerboel or a large breed pup.
After seeing the doggies she was hoping to adopt, I tried to get her into contact with the organisations that were kenneling, and fostering them so she could meet them and take her adoption further.

Nothing came of this.

I felt rather hopeless. Here this lady is who wants to adopt and everyone I ask is less than helpful.
Michelle was persistent though. She knew she wanted to adopt and although she was frustrated kept on trying.

Then a lovely group of ladies who go by the name of PACT (Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment) came into the picture.
They posted a picture of a boerboel on their page needing a home. I immediately thought of Michelle and directed her to the doggy in question.

I really began to think that I was maybe setting Michelle up for another heart break when I heard the doggy only needed a foster.

Michelle, with her beautiful persistence kept in contact with the PACT ladies and after a few weeks saw Rocky’s picture on PACTs time line.

Rocky at PACT

Rocky at PACT

After going through the procedures – FINALLY – this week Rocky went home to Michelle and her family.

Rocky is on his way HOME!

Rocky is on his way HOME!

Here are a few pictures of Rocky at HOME!! 🙂

Rocky's first snifs at home

Rocky’s first snifs at home

Rocky meeting his family

Rocky meeting his family

He has to don his lamp shade look because he keeps on pulling his stitches out from his sterri. 😉

Rocky's up-side-down lightshade look

Rocky’s up-side-down lightshade look

Many thanks go to:

    Neeri and the lovely ladies from PACT who have filled a gap in a community that really needs their love and attentive care. (And obviously for rescuing Rocky! 🙂 )
    Everyone who contributed to this adoption, whether it was information, re posting plea’s for help, no matter how BIG or small, YOUR contribution matters, and I am most grateful.
    Last but certainly not least, a BIG thank you to Michelle for taking Rocky into her home, family and I am more than sure he has already crept into her heart! 🙂

Michelle and her quest to adopt is a beautiful example of fighting the odds – no matter how difficult things seemed she had her heart set on adopting. This is what each and every person should do.

NEVER EVER breed or buy an animal.
NEVER EVER support dodgy breeders.
NEVER EVER support puppy brokers or puppy mills.

Always ADOPT.

Legit breeders will always have papers, if you buy from a legit breeder you will be put on a waiting list. Legit breeders ONLY breed when it is absolutely necessary.

Right now there are just too many animals in the system to be supporting pet shops, puppy mills, puppy brokers, and dodgy breeders.

And here is Rocky in 2013…

Rocky has picked up so much weight since being just skin and bones.
Michelle says that he has become quite the ball player, but mostly in soccer where he is an expert.
She adds that he is a great guard dog and a good friend to her boys.

Rocky 2013

Rocky 2013

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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. Lovely happy story. Keep up the good work !

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