Holiday Review – Dolphin Tale

My children are on holiday for a few weeks so I will let you know what we have been up to in my holiday posts.

Over the weekend we hired “I bought a zoo” and “Dolphin Tale”.

Although the lady at the dvd hire, highly recommended “I bought a zoo” over “Dolphin Tale”; I really can’t say I enjoyed it.

Live animals were used for the movie. As an animal lover I honestly cannot say that those creatures are happy.

I had to look away as the sadness in the animals eyes was over powering.

I don’t know how the actors who worked around them didn’t notice it.

If you want your children to have a knowledge of a good moral ethic when it comes to animals, this is certainly not the movie for you. Its one of those “what NOT to do” stories.

“Dolphin Tale”, however is a 180 degree turn. Also a true story; it presents itself with a good moral ethic.
Clearwater Marine Aquarium, practices a catch, rehabilitate, and release programme. The young actor, Nathan Gamble; takes his mum, Ashley Judd; around the Aquarium explaining how the animals will hopefully be released into their natural environments after their successful rehabilitation. I have to say, I loved that.

Besides the ethics of the organisation behind the movie, the story line was really good too.
I fogged up, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a tear jerker.

The story focuses on Winter and her journey to having a tail again.

This is the movie you want your children to see as they will certainly be learning a great deal of good from it. I would give “Dolphin Tale” a Highly recommended stamp of a approval.

What is really awesome is that the website for Winter is running and you can see her on web cam. Its a great follow up for kids.
Click here and have a look for yourself.

Winters Facebook Page

I hope you hire or buy “Dolphin Tale” for your children – or even for you to watch this rather chilly winter.
Fairy has given “Dolphin Tale” her stamp of approval too and has made it quite clear that she will be going to visit Winter in Clearwater Florida too.
Anyone want to sponsor plane tickets, spending money, what the hell, the whole shabang? 😉

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