Rainy Day Doggy Olympics

Rainy season has arrived and balls of fluff are scattered across the house.

So what do you do with your dog when it rains?

Do you brave the rain and go walkies anyway knowing that your once florally scented home will now have a new fragrance of eau de wet dog wafting through the air?

Here are a few ideas on keeping both you and your mutt amused.

image from google images / cute dogs.com

image from google images / cute dogs.com

Unless you’re like us who prefer the indoors, a warm blankie and a book take fido for a car ride. If fido likes to feel the wind in his ears and all the tongue flapping glory, your car may have the enhanced version of eau de wet dog – eau de wet dog slobber. 😉

You could organise a doggy play date, if you’re planning on going for a drive. Doggy buddies can play and wear off some rainy day cabin fever. It would be great if a local school would hire their hall for doggy play dates…
Now there’s a thought…
Calling all teachers!
On a smaller scale, I suppose if you have a nice size garage it could be the ideal place for some rough and tumble play.

On the indoor train of thought, you could try some indoor agility. Living in a mostly cat friendly home I always have cardboard boxes around. Fold their ends in and make tunnels or obstacles for doggy to enjoy.
Throw your dogs favorite toy through the box or hide some treat dispensing toys, which are also great for cats, in the tunnel.

My children love getting Blu, our miniature pinscher, to jump over their extended legs. Blu obliges every time and we enjoy watching a mini game of hurdles.

If you have a passage a game of fetch or tug of war is possible.

Just like children enjoy hide and seek so can your dogs. Get one family member to hold on to your pooch while another hides. Let the “hider” then call poochie and hand over a treat when they are found. You don’t even need a human, to help you could even hide pooches toys with a treat attached. It may take a little while for pooch to catch on to the idea, but they generally tend to grasp the idea of this game pretty fast.

Feeding time can also be a game. Instead of giving Fido his food in one shot, leaving him with that “is that it?” look on his face, instead you could hide smaller bowls of kibble throughout your house and allow Fido to find them. As Fido gets used to the game you could hide food in more difficult hiding places.

With rainy days sometimes seeming never ending trying some obedience training may be in order. You could even use the time to perfect your “give paw” or “roll over” tricks.
This brings me to our favourite past time. You can bake your pooch some Peanut Butter Doggie Biscuits, turn on “Marmaduke”, cuddle up and watch some doggy style TV.

If you’re looking for some game. Ideas for kitties you will find some in the post String – A Danger To Cats

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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. Brilliant – thank you although with seven dogs to keep amused I’ll pass on most suggestions. Mind you when it’s cold and wet all my pack want to do is SLEEP and then sleep some more lol!

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