Four things that irritate me…

What irritates me…

    Repetitive Broadcast BBM’s. If you have a blackberry, you’ve had them. The one that is really irritating me right now is the repeat of the repeat of the freaking repeat of the don’t tell the men, this is for cancer awareness, last time this game ended up on the news hogwash, and somewhere they throw in “this years” game.
    Let me make it very clear, LAST TIME the game was played it didn’t end up on the news.
    Do you know why?
    Because the first time it was a great idea. Every time after that it was a washed up, half brained attempt at getting the same response. If you want the same response again you need a NEW idea! The pure lack of imagination scares me.
    I am more than sure that the men seeing these status updates think you’re a bunch of morons because they caught on to the idea first or second time around. Contrary to popular belief men can’t possibly be that thick!
    Oh yeah, and if you want to say that this is THIS YEARS game, don’t send a friggin game every two or so months.
    I have one word for this – OVERKILL!
    Ok, I know a lot of you won’t understand this one but heck, If one more person posts a petition on my facebook profile from some or other country with the attached “Please Sign”, I may block them never mind delete them permanently. I’m deadly serious. For heavens sake, charity starts in your own back yard right… But all you post are issues from other countries and then you moan profusely when the situation in YOUR country isn’t up to scratch. Damned hypocrites.
image from google images

image from google images

    The condescending tone I get from certain people about my passion for animal welfare and writing articles to educate the masses. “You should write children’s books”. One day, maybe, but right now, your dumb arse needs some education, because really you don’t know your friggin arse from your elbow when it comes to animal welfare. Do you know that when I hear that you want to spray monkeys with doom, that I want to turn the room into the chainsaw massacre? If your head wasn’t so far up your arse it would be first on my platter… If you only saw what I saw… knew what I knew…
    Having studied, Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing, I tend to be quite the critic when it comes to adverts. Oh yes, TV adverts.
    Really now, I still don’t know what the product is and I doubt I ever will, you’ve probably seen the ad too… Its that one with the kid, with the absent family on his birthday and the horrendous tune “just a…” It irritates me so much that I end up having that stupid tune play on repeat in my head. It is so irritating that it even goes on to irritating my dreams. If you know what the product is, tell me, I think I need to boycott them purely for that tune…

    image from google images

    image from google images

    Than there’s the Cipla ad. The one where they have the incredibly fake animated ultrasound of the twin babies and the moronic smile from the dad looking on. To say that I grind my teeth, close my eyes and put my hands to my ears while this ad plays is an understatement. Its one of those wool to your teeth – nails to a chalk board moments.

So I want to know… What irritates you? Comment down there ↓↓ feel free to rant… I just did.

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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. HA HA HA….OMG BBM Broadcast messaged drive me bonkers! I hate them..especially those bloody don’t tell the guys bla bla bla ones!
    And now I can’t even think about whats irritate me (I do have a few pet hates) because I have that annoying advert song…”juuuuuuust a…………. 😉

  2. I am irritated that someone has interrupted my sleep for the last 5 nights.
    I am moody as hell.
    Who is the wipe who wants to doom Monkeys? He / she / they should be reported! Morons!

    • I love my sleep too Lee, and I admit to throwing tantrums if I am woken… (Unless its my kids of course them I don’t mind…) Anyone else… They have no manners.

      It irritated me beyond belief to hear that cans of doom were saved for monkeys. Monkey’s aren’t insects!
      Even if these people had a knowledge of religion they would know that in GENESIS God made Man to take care of the creatures he had made. It didn’t say anywhere that they should be harmed! Doom is a POISON! Our adults are the ones who need to educate children so I take them to task to do so and not inhumanely either!

  3. I’m irritated at the lack of attention to detail and stupidity that surrounds me daily… and the pettiness of jealous people… Seriously!!! Grow up people!!!

  4. I am irritated right this second because certain facebook pages delete posts!
    They call themselves, mommy pages but they don’t let mommies share things they have found. Very irritating. I think I should start up a new page.

  5. What irritates me right now. Thee fact that I am off work for another 5 and a half weeks and I have to be basically home bound. Cabin fever deluxe!

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