LOOK!! Its a Fire Engine!

My family are what you would call, hmmm, … … … what would the word be?

Transport spotters maybe?

Let me explain.

My gran would go out as fast as she could into the back garden to watch an aeroplane pass over head. My mom points out trains, planes, ambo’s, accidents, fires and fire engines.


We would even drive out to watch the firemen put out fires.
When I moved into my current home the first thing I thought of was that my mom would be hanging out the window at the first sign of an accident. I am not bashing mom here, nooooo, not at all. *laughs*

I do it too!

Here’s a little story for you.

When I was little, about six years old, we lived in a little flat in Berea, which was close to where my mom worked.

One Friday evening we decided to braai on our balcony. The eensy weensy little thing was probably 30cm x 30cm box with a grill. You could only fit about four to six briquettes in there.

an eensy weensy mini braai - basically big enough to fit two toasted samies.

an eensy weensy mini braai – basically big enough to fit two toasted samies.

Any way, the miniature braai, if you can even call it that is on the balcony wall and is lit. By no means what so ever is this puny thing making much smoke either.

I was very involved with some or other toy at the time possibly colouring in, in front of the TV, when mom yelled “Dianne! Come quickly! I can hear a fire engine!”

I went to see if I could see anything, but being six and shorter than the balcony wall, I went inside again pretty much as soon as I stepped out onto the balcony.

Mom yelled from the Balcony again with much excitement in her voice: ” Dianne! I can see the fire engine!”

Up I got, and darted off to the balcony again.

Before I had even got there mom yelled again and the excitement in her voice had doubled: “The fire engine is turning into our road!”

She lifted me up just enough so I could see what was going on.

“Look Dinky, they’re stopping outside our flats!”

OK, so not quite a 1980's Fire engine, but cool never the less.

OK, so not quite a 1980’s Fire engine, but cool never the less.

Mom put me down and looked up at the flats above and below to see exactly where the fire was.

Lo and behold a fire man got out of the truck and almost wet himself laughing, “Those people are having a braai!”

Excitement, turned to embarrassment and then to laughter as we realised that we were “the fire”.

Our eensy weensy teeny weeny little braai had created enough smoke to cause one of our neighbours to panic and call the fire brigade.

Do you have any embarrassingly funny childhood stories? Why not share them with me in the comments below. *all you need to comment is your email address which remains private* and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t go live immediately… I have to approve it first.

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