Peanut Butter Sandwiches

The joys of having both my children in the same school. 😉 :

Fairy marches out of school on Wednesday, angry face with a glint in her eye of wanting to smile.

My friend: “oh, someone’s cross…

Fairy, what’s wrong?”

Fairy, as she slaps her brother: “HEEE stole my peanut butter sandwich!”

And she marches off to the car.

Well, you know those moments when you just can’t help but laugh and try to hide it, tears rolling, snorting unable to speak. This was it.

Why she moaned about the peanut butter sandwich I will never know.
She doesn’t like the peanut butter I buy, and her brother can and will lick the stuff out the tub. He could eat peanut butter for three meals a day and be quite satisfied.

Its like last year at school when she refused to eat her lunch. She told her teacher that she didn’t have any, or purposely left her lunch at home, just so that she could go up to the office to get a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH!

Yes, I have swapped from smooth to crunchy peanut butter, brown bread, to “best of both” or white… She complains bitterly about the stuff I buy and then does this?

I mean honestly, if fairy had a choice between peanut butter and a carrot, she would take the carrot.

Poor old brother just replies and says: “but I left you the chocolate spread one!”

Chocolate spread which she LOVES!

I suppose this is just one of those things that I am not meant to understand.

Homework has doubled up too.

You really know this when you help your kids with homework and they start to play one potato, two potato with magazines of pictures to be cut out.

Maths – Maths… That’s the time when you get so confused as to who you’re helping you start to give the answers to the wrong child.

“Uh, mom. 2 x 4 is not the cube root of a hundred and plenty”

I am recapping studies I thought I could have forgotten and left behind me, in the jail cells called high school.

And I thought this was going to be sooooo easy. Two kids, one school, one pick up time, dad drops them off at school.

Yeah right.

Its early days yet and they have been entertaining to say the least.

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