Three and a half years of pre school, three years of junior primary, and we didn’t have a smidgen of IT.

IT didn’t even breathe in our direction.

First year of senior primary and


IT hit with the force of SIX and a half years combined!

What is IT? You may be asking.

IT is the unmentionable. IT is better described on Reluctant Mom’s Blog as those things that rhyme with mice…

Yep, those things.

IT is as embarrassing as hell. I promise you that no matter how many times you’ve heard that lice are only able to attach themselves to clean hair – it doesn’t matter.

So what do you do when you’re down right embarrassed because of IT?

You send your husband to the emergency pharmacy! While you begin with what seems like a thousand years worth of nit picking.

Nit picking is a pain in the BUTT.

It made me realise why the term nit picking came about…

Those nit picking family members who constantly nag or find fault,


nit picking

It describes their anal behaviour to the T. Because I am now a seasoned IT nit picker I feel that I am educated well enough to make that deduction.

So take my word for it…

Any way, so where was I?

Right. Hubby bought some Nitagon at the emergency pharmacy, and the next day I went and bought some Para as advised by another pharmacist. Nitagon works fine. Para, which is supposedly a once off treatment – yeah right, that’s a load of bullocks!

I washed and nit picked and combed and washed my daughters locks again and again and again. Not only that, her linnen, my linnen, my sons linnen – he really loves his sister he does. He came out in a sympathetic itch.

So next time they break out in sibling rivalry I’ll remind them of how much they love each other. IT does have a silver lining after all!

I treated my sons hair as a precaution and mine too.

Every damn day when I checked Fairy’s locks there were more nits! Its madness I tell you! It drives you to the brink of insanity!

Next best bet, I google… The articles read that IT doesn’t survive heat, which I happen to mention to Fairy who suggests we curl her hair with the hair iron.

At first I said no and then – what the hell, let’s give it a bash. I sat and painstakingly burned the **** out of some nits. Who seemed to come out far more easily after becoming fried rice yes flied uh fried, the Para left her locks with a layer of grease that could substitute for the grubby hydraulic oil on hubby’s overalls. It is also as difficult to wash out.

The next day, only a few nits left… Easily removed… And I breathed a sigh of relief…

I went back to the pharmacy, a different one this time round and they gave me Contra Lice, also mentioned in Reluctant Mom’s blog. Its a spray, it also makes the locks greasy, but you walk around smelling like Black Sambucca.

And HEY PRESTO! No nits! Yes I will still be checking those locks very carefully for the next few weeks, but IT is so to say taken care of.

Fairy has moved back into her own bed and is no longer sleeping on the sleeper couch. She refused to sleep in her bed due to IT being there.

I think I’ve even figured out where the buggers originated from…

Ms. Fairy being new to regular swimming lessons during PE, tore her swimming cap at her very first lesson. Even though you drum it into kids NOT TO BORROW items like swimming caps and brushes, she did… And I swear that is how it all started.

Maybe she will realise now that mom was not bull******** her -when she said DON’T BORROW… and the creepy crawlies were enough to scare her into submission.

Have you experienced IT? What did you try? And what worked?

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