Why 2012 was not a great year – Bullying Update

For those of you who are regulars on my blog, you will know that my son has been a victim of bullying. This resulted in me being highly involved with his schooling.
To say that last year was BAD just doesn’t explain it, so let me tell you about it…

The school term started with My Boy being placed in The Rookie’s class. Being the rookie isn’t the easiest thing in the world – even in teaching circles. The Rookie, a very pleasant guy, was dropped in the deep end and every naughty boy in grade 6 was placed in his class. This ended up pushing both my son and I over the edge.

I requested in the first week of the school term; that my son continue to see the school psychologist. He was previously very helpful and gave My Boy the coping skills for bullying that I couldn’t. My Boy is also a sensitive child and having the extra assistance helped me too.

You see I don’t have much help in the “support” department. My husband doesn’t have the most accommodating boss when it comes to family life and like most men, avoiding the issue is better than dealing with it head on. I am more than sure that this behaviour stems from his mother brushing skeletons under the carpet instead of taking action and caring for her children when they needed it most.

When I noticed that my requests weren’t being seen to, I set up a meeting with The Rookie, this led to a meeting with the HOD who by the first day of the second term moved My Boy in to his class. I thought this was great! My Boy came out of school with a smile on his face – really – which mother wouldn’t that impress?

Unfortunately this didn’t last.

Moving classes only shoved him from the frying pan into the fire.

My Boy’s grades dropped further, bullying increased, and the wonderful HOD, well he wasn’t a stickler for details according to the principal, so My Boy was let down time and time again.

Letter after letter; phone call after phone call; and meeting after meeting with both teacher and principal and FINALLY, FINALLY in the FOURTH term I succeeded in getting my son to see the school psychologist. This only after I contacted the governing body, with an eleven page letter stating the lack of assistance I had received, the level bullying and the HOD. You heard me right the HOD.

When I complained that he made my son nervous during a well prepared oral, by shouting “NEXT”, “NEXT”; he decided that it was a good idea to MARK a letter I had written to him in My Boys homework book. To say that irritated me would be a poor description of my intense feelings.
The school runs on a demerit system, so when my son lost his name badge he received a demerit. I wrote to the HOD saying I would replace it at the end of the month. He then proceeded to give my son a demerit every day for the next 2 weeks for not having a name badge. That meant 2 detentions for My Boy. Dealing with this HOD was certainly not a pleasure.

I felt entirely disempowered and even though I was at a point of giving up, I dragged my husband into a meeting with the principal, and concentrated on surviving the last term.

This unfortunately is not the only reason for me wanting My Boy to see the school psychologist, and also not my only reason for wanting to give up. So stay tuned for a second instalment, maybe even a third, and I’ll also tell you tell you how I am helping My Boy too.

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