What is one of the worst calls you can receive as a mother?

after a few days healing...

after a few days healing…

Let me put it to you this way, I received one of these calls this week.

“I think you had better come to school. Your boy is in the sick bay. He tripped and fell and we can’t stop the bleeding. He is going to need stitches.”

I replied bravely “oh sherbet – I am on my way.”

I grabbed my bag and dialled my friend because the shakes had already taken over my body. She agreed to collect my daughter from school. Back-up plan organised.

I reversed the car out of the garage and dialled our GP. The sister was expecting our impending arrival.

I then pulled a “Michael Schumacher” and raced to the school.

In your mind you expect the worst. But seeing a bandage wrapped around your child’s head and blood pouring out and down the back of his neck is enough to question if your parenting skills will survive whatever the next hour is about to thrust on you.

I was handed a plastic bag containing his bloodied white shirt. The white lining of his brand new winter jacket was also stained red.

Two of the office ladies, the principal and his teacher were all there. All I could note was the gloves and the blood.


*No you can’t panic. Remain calm – control the shakes – and get going.*

Like I said to the sister; “if I had it in me to deal with blood and guts – I would have been a vet – I can’t – so I went into Animal Welfare”

“Those who can’t do – teach.” – and all…

Anyhow, the sister notes that this was the fastest emergency call to arrival they have ever had and she assesses the wound. Blood is still squirting out like a broken tap and every time she raises her hand I see more blood on the gauze and ice pack.

She motions to the other sister in the waiting room “Are one of the doctors available yet?”

“They are all still in with patients.”

“I’ll just keep applying pressure then.” She takes a peek and “Oops we still have a little bleeder here.”

All this doesn’t leave much in the confidence department for a stressing mother, who has already used her asthma pump to control her breathing.

I noticed that My Boy had a red mark on his cheek, but he was incredibly pale. I decided to try and find out exactly what had happened, but all he could remember was standing up to get something and hitting his head on a chair.

I turned and saw that one of the doctors had finished with his previous patient and was on his way to the bed.

It then crossed my mind that way back when I was thirteen I was bitten by a dog and I was really brave being stitched up and having surgery on my gaping wound in a GP’s office. I thought “just be brave enough for the both of you.”

I turned again and hubby had arrived. Thinking about it now; I must have sounded highly panicked on the phone, because I only called him when I got out of the car rushing into the doctors’ rooms.

The doctor took a look, and injected lovely yellow muthi into My Boys head. *HMPF I really do not like needles – even less so when they are being poked into my child’s head.*

Three stitches later and I braved up enough to look at the wound. As I walked closer I noticed the then partially dry blood caked in My Boys hair. I breathed a little sigh of relief that the bleeding had stopped. My tension remained until later that evening when I eventually could process the day’s trauma.

The doctor explained that the cut wasn’t wide – it was rather deep though, so he had to insert deep stitches to close up the capillary that had been ruptured.

After listening to the details of wound care and what symptoms I should look out for we left.
My friend’s children said that there were three cleaners at My Boys class mopping and scrubbing up blood. This I can fully relate to after soaking and washing his shirt and jacket. The smell of blood was overpowering and left me nauseous for the remainder of the afternoon.

Here I am now thinking of how grateful I am that this is over.
My Boy is sore but safe. All we need now for is healing to continue.

What really happened? My Boy got up from his desk to get something, tripped over another child’s concertina folder, slipped, fell and hit his head on a chair.

OK so now I want to hear from you. Are you good with medical emergencies? How do you keep calm and make sure that your child is okay?

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