Bullying Update – Attempt at healing

This is an update post for those who have been following my “bullying updates”.

Just to recap last time I finished up where I told you about “The Neighbour” and the lack of assistance and support I had.

Well, for a child who is experiencing bullying, and has a demeaning teacher the effects of an abusive neighbour are powerfully destructive.

I met up with The School Psychologist in the first term of this year, a week after she met with My Boy. I was honest and explained detail for detail what had been happening and how we were reacting to it. It was an emotional meeting – it left me with an “emotional hang over” of note.

Not to divulge too much and to still keep you in the picture; it was basically deduced that I don’t have a great support base. My support base would have to grow for me to effectively help My Boy.

To help My Boy, I would have to change the way I coped with irritation and anger. The reason for this: Children learn by example. In other words, by changing the way I deal with situations – I would be teaching My Boy new coping skills to deal with bullies and every day frustrations. You see, it wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong; the problem was that hearing what he needed to do was not helping. My Boy needed to physically see different coping methods in practice and working to improve situations.

A huge factor affecting My Boy: “The Neighbour”. Somehow that situation would have to improve. This is a damned difficult task let me tell you! His late night door banging, arguments, and let’s just call it “nonsense” interrupts My Boy’s sleep, interrupts my sleep, affects us as a family psychologically and all in all leaves us living in an entirely negative environment.

We finished off the first term with a definite improvement with My Boy’s teacher at least. I chatted to her a few times and she sounded worlds apart from what My Boy had last year.

The new term made its introduction with an appointment with My Boy’s teacher. She is a very involved teacher. I enjoyed meeting her and I am thrilled that she is someone who is geared to working together for the best interests of the child. From a bullying view there was an improvement. The issue she brought up was that she thought he needed assistance with concentration. His lack of sleep due to the goings on down stairs was aiding this on a huge negative scale.

I then met up with The School Psychologist for another highly emotional meeting. My support base hasn’t really grown to make it short and sweet. All that had changed in my department was that I regained my fighting spirit.

We decided to go the herbal or natural route to tackle My Boys concentration issues. The problem now is that my stress about “The Neighbour” and other issues, was rubbing off on My Boy. I have a close bond with my children and unfortunately in this instance our bond is what was causing our down fall. We have a really unique situation – don’t we?

A bond is supposed to build you up. Make you feel stronger, know you have support. Because of the situation with “The Neighbour” I was stressed, actually – I am still stressed. The School Psychologist explained to me that My Boy worries about everything, he is just like me. We worry about an issue; we then worry about worrying about the issue. I suppose that you can call us highly strung.

From there I took My Boy to an appointment with our GP as recommended by The Psychologist. We explained our entire situation to the GP, who prescribed medication to help My Boy cope with his emotions and help him sleep better.

Fast Forward to today: I have just returned from appointments with both our GP and The School Psychologist. It seems that both the natural remedy and the medication are working. I don’t have words to describe what this means to me.

I also handed in an affidavit this afternoon at Metro Police to complain about yet another argument down stairs by “The Neighbour” that occurred over the weekend. These “episodes” have been nick named by a friend as – “The ****tard apocalypse”.

Tonight, I am feeling empowered and especially happy with the fact that I showed My Boy that we can deal with this moron.

Now to just keep swimming… one day at a time…

just keep swimming

just keep swimming

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