Heavenly School Holidays

Seems moms are divided on their idea of school holidays.

I read Reluctant Mom’s Blog and I see that she is considering a petition to increase teachers’ work days.

I am totally the opposite. I live for school holidays.

Those last two weeks of the school term when sibling rivalry turns instant.

Yes instant.

No questions asked, no words, not even telepathy. It comes out of nowhere. It happens because they are simply in the same hemisphere. Maybe the same universe.


Karate chop!

“You took my…”

“No I didn’t”


And so it goes on…

“Wash, rinse repeat” comes to mind.

“Impact, verbal attack, repeat”.

Never mind the item sibling one has misplaced is exactly where sibling one left said item.

Siblings run in parallel universes, and their universes shouldn’t collide or even take a glimpse of each other at the end of the term.

I am most certain of this.

The 5:30am wake ups are by then really getting to me.

I am well known for liking my sleep. Disturb it and you unleash a monster that belongs in one of the universes adjacent to Chucky. Add late term sibling rivalry to it – and – the monster mutates. A full on zombie apocalypse has nothing on me, sleep deprived.

Then come the holidays.

*cue Angels singing in heavenly tones*




My kids love their sleep about as much as I do. Fairy can easily wake to go to the loo at 6am and promptly doze off again five minutes later. She’ll wake properly at 8 or so – the same as My Boy who becomes a teenager tomorrow. (Try waking them on a school day – I dare you.)

I get to lay in, coffee is brought to me in bed… I compose my thoughts, and we get on with the day.

Some days sibling rivalry rears its ugly head. I am more fully equipped to deal with it when I’ve had a little extra sleep and caffeine brought to me on a platter.

Separation is key. Send each “mini Chuck” in the opposite direction or give the little buggers something to do.

Shouting “Who is cooking dinner?” Is a simple way of doing it. My Boy or the chef in training will likely have his hand up first and he’ll be asking to create some fantastical, taste sensation that the angels blew into his mind.

Fairy is quite equipped to stack a good mac n cheese, whip up a bolognaise or design a salad on those nights that deserve a slap dash oven dish.

Yes, holidays are heavenly. No taxi ferrying, and did I mention NO 5:30am wake ups??

Somehow I even manage to get some work done too.



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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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