Back to school – Back to reality

So today kids are back at school after about a month long break.

I woke this morning after a really weird dream. While still in the land of no longer sleeping but not quite awake there’s a loud THUD in Pretty Boys cage.




The silly ring neck is absolutely fine.

he just gave me near heart failure when I was not quite awake yet. I was drifting…you know that place… the place you can go to and stay there – when its still school holidays that is.

*note to self so not try to spell squawk on facebook when you are not quite awake yet. Actually just don’t try to type at all.*

Moaned at Mimmo for stealing the fruit out of Pretty Boys bowl.

Got the children ready;

got them to tidy their mess in the kitchen;

they left with the husband – who is so not a morning person… just by the way.

Dodged Nala, Simba and Dieago playing NASCAR up and down the passage.

Got to my phone and found a missed call from my friend.

Put it this way her boys decided to try their luck and told her that there was NO school today.

This left me with heart palpitations yet again wondering if I had just set off my two unsuspecting children to an EMPTY school…

Sigh of relief as I receive text to say false alarm…

And so my day began… Got some chores done; Mimmo decided that while I was loading the washing machine that the tumble dryer was the IN spot for investigating.


I now have visions of myself loading her and wet washing into the dryer. *another note to self: -check dryer prior to loading any wet washing. Cat will not be impressed*

I then realised that I was actually enjoying my sanity and silence…

WOW. I never thought of this yesterday. Yesterday I was dreading that today was Monday.

Dreading the 5:30am wake up.

Dreading getting the children ready.

Dreading moaning.

And here I am getting Sh1t done. I really love having the little hemeroids home. As much as they annoy, argue, aggravate, abhor, and anger each other and me.

Today I am at the point where I am wondering which I like better because today… it’s a toss up.

I really have enjoyed the break, but oh my hat… I LOVE my sanity…

And this is where I am now. If you can make head or tail of it.


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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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