Take a leaf out of the good teachers book

Last week was a nightmare.

The week started out bad and it just got progressively worse.


Yet another bullying incident under the belt for a certain little “menace to society”. A little brat whose mother obviously doesn’t have the time to check what her spawn is up to. The underage tormenter has even gone as far as to join facebook and send messages like “you and your son are trouble makers…” and so on. I really wish that his mother would wake up and see that her little sh1t is crying out for help. I am angry yet compassionate enough to know that this child is in dire need of love, care and discipline! The fundamentals of parenting and teaching.

I really wish that schools would be less apathetic too.

I posted an article on News24 Voices

Apologies to the teachers who actually do care,do give that extra time, do discipline and do ensure that learning is a prerequisite; I know you exist; and I am grateful to work with YOU; if only there were more of YOU. It seems from reading commentary from a teacher that – teachers actually don’t care about bullying. They are poorly informed on the subject and really have no idea of how much the victims suffer at the hand of their tormentor. It seems that minor children are to be left to their own devices at break times because “we need a break”. I remember from when I was a student and when I taught (briefly) that teachers were visible on the play ground. They had children bring them their tea, and they chatted to other teachers and pupils. Not only this, they made a concerted effort of keeping the school grounds safe for all students. When students were “out of hand” they were punished to the degree of their misdeed. This was at primary school level, where all students are considered minors and deserve protection. (I am certainly not saying that high school students don’t deserve protection; I am using primary school as an example – as that is what I am currently dealing with)

For bullies, they deserve discipline. I honestly believe that if you cannot control a class of children and keep the class in order; that you do not belong in the class room. I was complimented by a parent when I taught – “thank you, ____ came home and told us what ____ learned today. It is so nice to hear this!”

Why did those children learn? My trick was to let them know that they couldn’t push my boundaries. I was in charge. If every child behaved, “we” would have fun, and through having fun, “we” would learn. I was happy, children were happy and parents were happy.

Unfortunately it seems that teaching is fast becoming more on the lines of employee satisfaction. Talking on cell phones during class;
lengthy breaks in the staff room;
certainly no discipline for the students;
and very little learning.
No they would rather send the child out the class than educate. They have no interest in learning about their students, no interest in making the environment a LEARNING CENTRE.

Their attitude is if you aren’t happy – home school. Once again; proof thereof of the lack of wanting to do the job they are being paid to do.

Not only have I been complimented as a teacher, I have also been complimented as a mother.
A mother who disciplines;
a mother who can control her own children;
plus two more – and have a peaceful conversation.
YEAH. I am super mom. Where did I learn a lot of my tricks? Super Nanny, Jo Frost.

I stumbled upon her parenting skills programme waaaaay back when…

When my children joined preschool, they were privileged to have an awesome teacher who used the same practices. The children had fun in class, my children were eager to go to school. They loved school. Yes I realise this is only preschool. You try and control 12 sugar high under 6’s and see how well you fair…. She is the example of what a teacher should be. Passionate, caring and getting the job done, when praise is due it’s due. Unfortunately there are some teachers who cannot take criticism and work with it to make positive change… they should take a leaf out of the “good teachers book”.


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