My pet peeve about the age of electronic communication

Heads up everyone!

And I mean EVERYONE!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high powered business conglomerate, an NPO, or an entrepreneur; it’s a good business practice to be on top of communication!

For heaven’s sake, we are living in the electronic age where facebook, twitter, emails, IM’s and texts dominate our daily communication with colleagues, chief, clientele, comrades, companions, clan, and children.

Bad communication is unprofessional POINT.

Not only is it unprofessional it leaves someone guessing what the actual answer is and will likely leave you doing damage control, losing out on new clientele, for NPO’s a possible donation or valuable volunteers.

You should also remember that being the age of electronic communication it is very simple for a person to publicly denounce your lack of communication. Whether you believe the statement that “any publicity is good publicity” or not; the lack of communication is in my book, BAD.



It’s anal, to reply to email upon email, but it is certainly worth your while. If you have someone speaking on your behalf enlighten them to the facts you want verbalised. There is no use in hiding info that could potentially boost your product or cause exponentially.

For those who haven’t yet fully embraced the world of technology, see it as yesterdays “WORD – OF – MOUTH”. A positive word in your direction means more business; a negative word means the latter.

Embracing social media within an office is as good as having good communication with the outside world. A quick IM, tweet or facebook chat is an asset and boosts efficiency. If you haven’t been able to get to the task of replying, put out a status that says so. You certainly don’t need to verbalise your every move, simply saying that you are currently unavailable is sufficient. That being said, don’t publish a status that you are not answering messages because you “don’t have time” or “don’t monitor facebook 24/7”– once again this is a bad reflection of your communication skills. Set aside an hour of your daily routine to ensure that your communication is up to date. Do a quick scroll of your various social media options to ensure all notifications are seen to. If you don’t have an answer immediately, say so… enquire about the facts and reply with your findings. NEVER EVER LEAVE A COVERSATION WITH SILENCE – Unless of course you’ve said “goodbye”…

Remember that emitting technology by not using the positives it creates leaves you literally sitting in the dark ages of communication.

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