Featured member – never a dull moment

This week I am the first featured member on the Cat Books Facebook Group.

Being featured member you have to answer a few interview questions…

Tell us about your favourite cat book.

Well, I don’t have a favourite “cat book” as such. I have two favourite books which contain short stories about various animals and cats.

If I had to choose my favourite of the two it would be is Psychic Pets – The secret lives of animals by Joseph Wylder. In this particular book there are two cat “stories” if you can call them that.

The first is about telepathy that comes along with a cat. How cats seem to identify the cat lover in the person who you would least expect to be one. The chapter contains so many snippets that are entirely relatable they effortlessly leave you with goose bumps.

The second is about body language. We all know that cats are exquisitely elegant; this chapter explains their capacity of using their entire body to transform humans into mush. Besides that, the author explains how no other creature has been provided with such a substantial repertoire of expressions.

Love, miracles and animal healing comes in a very close second. It is written by Allen Schoen, who is described as a Deepak Chopra for the four legged; and Pam Proctor. It’s about the connection humans have with animals. I would have to describe the entire book as containing page to page goose bump moments for sure, as well as a highly recommended read for all animal lovers alike.

Tell us about your cats present and/or past. What would you like us to know about you?

I see my life through the animals that graced its presence, so this will suffice as an answer to two questions.

For a Jo’burg Girl and renowned crazy cat lady you will be surprised to know that I began my life as a dog person. My furry soul mate was also a dog. A large lap dog type -bed stealing – Dobermann.

I grew to love cats when I moved out on my own. Her name was Mischka and even though I was a dog person through and through, she crept into my heart true to cat form. She wasn’t “mine” but hearing of her horrific passing left me a blubbering mess for days. The ugly cry. I am sure you can relate.

My dog Racy then chose my husband, and we moved to Durban. Heaven knows I can’t blame her for not liking the suitors who showed up before him. My heart broke again when she fell asleep one night never to wake again. It has been 14 years and a day never passes that I want to hold her in physicality. She is my steel magnolia – I met her the second she was born and she slipped away close to my side.

I fell pregnant shortly after and fell unexpectedly in love with a two legged, male bundle of P1000383acontentedness.

Then into our lives arrived Socks, my first tuxedo cat, his cuteness delightfully overflowed. We were inseparable, until my bundle turned one and we left my irresponsible sister, uh monster- in laws to see to his needs for a weekend. I arrived home to no cat. I was left searching.
My husband noticing my cataclysm joined me on a trip to the SPCA where we adopted Mischief. He was his own person. He came and went as he pleased, he was there for food, a quick scratch and off he would go on his daily business.

P1000382a I can’t remember where we found Puff exactly. Puff; named after the embodiment of Misty’s tail when he first laid eyes on the sweet little grey. They were instant best buddies; they remained in our lives while introducing my daughter into the world; until Misty went missing. There were reports of a crazed lunatic in the area harming cats after his disappearance; and we sadly expect he met his demise. Puff couldn’t come to terms with Misty no longer being around and lost his mind completely. He became a danger to himself and in the end we allowed him to leave the world to a kinder place.

I was on the hunt yet again, and on my husband’s birthday I came across an ad in the local periodical. “GINGER CAT FOUND” I answered the appeal and even though this cat was ginger and white, there was no way about it, I had to go and see him.

008 boxieI was met by a sorry looking little guy, with a broken leg and drips and all the contraptions that were needed to heal him after his accident.

It’s needless to say that Kitt was brought home just two weeks later. Our Knight Rider, is not normal, he has quirks and qualms that I’ve never witnessed in another animal, let alone a cat. I suppose that car hit him a little too hard. He’s healthy although, not-so-healthy, if you catch my drift. He loves in immeasurable measures. He’s both a mom and a dad; and a disciplinarian; a box lover – irrespective of size; and when he plays – he morphs from a 12 year old into a kitten. Age is creeping up on him, though he is now blind, and I suspect he is losing a few more of his marbles; he is still an active family member – so I hope he will stick around for a few more years.
007 StigIn the beginning of spring, the fair comes to town and the entire suburb descends on the civic centre. This is where we were introduced to my second tuxedo cat – Stig. It’s not that I don’t love my other animals; Stig just owns a bigger portion of my heart than the others. His loud obnoxious persistent mouth can drive a person to the brink of insanity; but I love him. I love the ones that no one else will, and he loves me – or so I hope.

006-Eyes-Close-up.jpgA few months later my husband brought home a parasite riddled Siamese. I bathed and nit picked for days to rid him of the infestation that lived beneath his fur. He had the most beautiful blue eyes; hiding behind them was the toilet paper terrorist. No roll was safe in Nermal’s company. We would wake in the morning with a snowy wonderland in the lounge where Nermal had been at it yet again. Then one day he was gone. I searched high and low, my heart broke again. I couldn’t bear to look at his photographs as I felt that I had failed him.

Due to my own dilemma my adoption streak lay dormant for a while; until I found my soul in animal welfare.

Mimmo aka the Princhipessa – found us one day, while taxiing my daughter to ballet lessons. She had an injury to her one eye which left her blind. After a stay at the vet, and a wait to hear if her owners would come forward, she too was welcomed in to the family. She is a character of note that grooms us all regularly; and packs a punch when you or a member of our feline family is out of hand.

We then adopted Blu, aka bat dog aka The Black and Tan Miscreant, from the SPCA

I became a member of The Pavilion Cats team; and I learned what beautiful mysteries lay behind feral cats. As a newbie finding kittens living under rows of trolleys, violently moved about by supermarket staff; I rescued two siblings who are now permanent family fixtures. Nala aka The Cat That Ate the Homework – has in-depth conversations with flies; and “reads” newspapers and magazines regularly. She is our most literate cat. Simba; her sibling, who is twice her size, is a fat lazy house cat; excepting every mornings leisurely bath, followed by NASCAT. NASCAT, is what I call their morning exercise. He, Diago and Nala bounce Tigger-style off the furniture and anything that finds its way in their path, including me.

Diago is another of my personal rescues, who I swore not to keep. I couldn’t find his owners, and once that was done and dusted it was clear that no one wanted to adopt him. He is an absolute beauty, and has fallen in love with my daughter who greets him rather than me en route to school in the mornings.


Our home – zoo is not complete without mentioning Buddy and Ellie budgie and Project Prettiness our inherited ringneck.

What is your message to the group?

Forget about what people say, find your soul with rescue animals. They make the ride remarkable. You will never be left with a dull moment, but I guess you knew that already.

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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. People like you give me hope. You recognize the value of an animal’s life and you love them unconditionally.
    Heaven has a special place for you. Xx

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