50 Shades of Simba and my otherwise tiring week.

My mind is way too all over the show and I may even be sleep walking or hallucinating that I am actually writing this post.

So later… when I eventually wake up; please remind me that I got out of bed specifically to regale you with the history of my past week.

I woke up on Sunday so impressed that Monday was not the beginning of the school term and that I indeed had one extra morning of extra sleep. Little did I know that The Fish aka The Husband would be restless at 4am and would then proceed to wake the entire neighbourhood with his morning ritual.Monday was an insanely mind boggling hair removing for little girls day. Yes mind boggling. This is way too early for my liking or for my post flu early week brain to comprehend.

Tuesday I attempted “catching up” on work I had missed while ill. I was productive; I wrote an article on News 24 Voices about my irritation with new messaging technology. Simba basked in the sun while oozing seductive come hither poses. The Children returned from school; My Boy attempted to not feed the MADdragon.

50 Shades of Simba

50 Shades of Simba

You ask who the MADdragon is? She is his maths teacher – The one with anger and board head-butting issues. Yes, she is the perfect example of a good role model. NOT. Google psycho educator with anger issues and you are sure to find a picture of the MADdragon.

On Wednesday, Pretty Boy encapsulated Mel Gibson’s Tahitian beauty bathing under a waterfall, while listening to My Boys radio. Simba snuggled at The Bird Cage. I read my favourite blog and remembered Fairys first haircut. My child had hair issues – Major hair issues. Her first haircut had her screaming “you’re hurting my hair! You’re hurting my hair!” as if her hair had feelings; and each little strand of magical “Tangled” Rapunzel hair was dying at the hand of her evil-evil mother.

If I had to elaborate on her hair issues: the moment when the neighbours knocked on the door asking if I was abusing my then toddler; would definitely top my list. My answer to their utmost concern: “I am washing her hair”. Fairy was screaming BLUE MURDER. They literally thought I was hurting her. This would have to bear truth that my child was possibly the miraculous long haired fable.

OH and also in the day’s line of events, my once angelic Fairy swapped her angel wings and returned home as a demon child who drove me to the brink of … – I can’t say insanity because I already answer my own questions’ while talking to myself.

On Thursday as The Children and The Fish left home; The Neighbour began a tirade of drunken madness; punched the windows and shouted “SHUT – UP!!” at hadedas. Later I found out it was due to him not paying for design work. Hey DUMB*RSE – ARTISTS DON’T WORK FOR FREE!!

Now here I sit today. EXHAUSTED; sleep walking; maybe even hallucinating. And why do I hear you ask? – My we are quzzy today…. *laughs* oh it was just The Neighbour who returned from a day and evening of drunken debauchery at 1am. He drove into the wall or possibly The Fish’s van which was innocently parked outside. He woke The Obnoxious Cat; The Boy who is home with flu, and myself. The Obnoxious Cat woke The Fish and well… you now know the reason for my illusive sleep.

Obnoxious Cats like to sleep in between your legs right up against your butt so there is no ideal way of avoiding them to move. He then walked my back like he was on the cat walk meowing incessantly to be let out, or fed. Where is Obnoxious Cat now? Sleeping of course, with Simba who called come hither to be let in to the bedroom.

I am more than ecstatic that it is weekend and that I can put this week behind me.

Happy Happy Friday Folks.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful; peaceful; drift off in slumber land; quality rest time, and cats that can make their minds up this weekend.


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