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I have figured out this week that Project Prettiness aka Pretty Boy our inherited ring neck approves and disapproves of music sounding off across on the airwaves.

Put on some squeaky voiced chick and he squawks. He squawks a squawk that makes you grit your teeth; shut your eyes and ears; while you hurriedly head blinded and fumbling to the radio. This squawk is so bad it could activate a negative reaction for someone with Misophonia standing an entire block away.

I should hire him on an hourly basis to SA Idols he’ll judge the shiznick out of the competition, and we’d be rocking all the way to the final…

You’ve got the point – right.

Pretty Boy makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t like – um – Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. To me that inherent “poor Miley” shriek in her voice is like scraping fingernails on a chalk board; wool rubbing against your teeth; or Pretty Boys squawk of disapproval.

So for him to dislike her song pleases me.

Quite frankly – I would have turned the radio off anyway for the duration of any of the songs he dislikes. They all fit into the silly little girl category; the one where “the artist” whores her words or herself to get her current publicity. Sex sells. Advertising companies have known it for years and have flaunted it to raise sales from headache tablets to cars…

age restrictionSeeing as age restriction were my dominant words for the week I have to say that Pretty Boy censors out the s.#.i.t I don’t want to hear. I doubt he would have allowed my thirteen year old to watch the 2-16 rated Promethius. He would have alerted the censorship bureaux without using communication devices.

Play a little Rock; Rasta or even a spot of Dance music and he bops the perch, sprays water and gives a little wolf whistle. “Hello Pretty Boy!”

So I have to give the feathered guy a shout out. Thank you Project Prettiness. Thank you for approving Nickelback; Bon Jovi; Pink and the like. Rockers across the world salute you, and Ellie who would have been named Elvis if she was a male.

Rock Chicks er Roosters? Er…RULE.



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