All About Cats Magazine Article – The Pavilion Cats – Feral Cat Feeding Scheme

Now that the December / January All About Cats Magazine is on the shelves I can share the article I wrote for the October / November issue.

I am very grateful to All About Cats Magazine for highlighting animal welfare in their magazine. Those of us working in animal welfare know that it isn’t a simple task to get media to publicise animal welfare stories. You then however, find a group of animal lovers who put in the extra effort and help the less fortunate animals on the planet with this wonderful gift of publicity. 

The Pav Cats article as seen in All About Cats Magazine.

The Pav Cats article as seen in All About Cats Magazine.

This is a copy and paste of my original article sent to All About Cats: It was decided to omit Feral Cat Rescue Trust from the article as Doug “The Cat Man” had an article previously in the magazine and that The Pavilion Cats could do with the extra publicity. Of course someone wasn’t happy with that at all and complained and made a huge hoo ha about it. Petty I know… So not to receive the same back lash a second time over – without further ado – the original article:

The Pavilion Feral Cat feeding scheme was started about two years ago by Mandy of Kitten Action. The scheme cats are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Over the two years we have come up with clever ideas to keep the cats food bowls safe from the elements and from going missing altogether. Most of the time volunteers pay for their own supply of cat food. Since the beginning of 2013 we have been lucky to receive some food donations thanks to the publicity from our Pavilion Cats Facebook page.

In the past we independently fundraised to have “our” cats sterilised. An awesome thing about fundraising for The Pav Cats is that you find caring and giving people in the most unexpected places. Just recently, Mandy through persistence and meetings with management of the Pavilion, has managed to complete the team circle with management coming on board.

I recently gained contact with the lovely lady who has been feeding at “The Wimpy Feeding Station”. She has been quietly sterilising the cats and, while we have been trying to find her. I also came across a lady and her daughter who are passionately capturing, taming and homing kittens. So as it is the team grows with a loving group of “crazy cat ladies”.

I have even had the pleasure of getting to know some of the car guards; especially one who thanks all the ladies profusely for giving up time to take care of the cats with no homes. Animal lovers come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

I have met up with the awesome Mandy to trap cats on a few evenings. I learned quickly that cats are even cleverer than you know they already are. Trapping can either leave you frustrated or elated when you hear the door clap shut. They have an added sixth sense when it comes to being trapped.

Mandy has an awesome relationship with Kloof and Highway SPCA, who allow her to use their holding cells, for trapped cats at night. In the morning they sterilise the ferals, tip their ears and Mandy collects them in the afternoon to be released again. When curiosity gets to the cats they can get themselves into trouble and Kloof and Highway SPCA have been immensely helpful in going out during a busy schedule to collect clever cats.

We initiated the help of Feral Cat Trust, Tracey and Doug – The Cat Man; for our most recent TSR session. They managed to successfully trap six cats; an awesome feat in the eyes of the volunteer team. One of these, a kitten will be tamed and rehomed with the advice of Tracey. We couldn’t be more grateful for their assistance.

We are always willing to accept help in any and all forms and to watch our team grow. I feel that it is important in animal welfare to work and learn together with caring people. We all bring something different to the table and with all our differences we make up a team who can jump any hurdles that may be put in our way. 

Thank you once again to All About Cats Magazine for the publicity. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Now if you want to be well informed about cats over the Festive Season – why don’t you pop by CNA, Spar, or Pick n Pay and pick up the latest December / January magazine?

All About Cats December / January 2013 issue:  My article is a cover article: The Dangers facing outdoor cats

All About Cats December / January 2013 issue:
My article is a cover article: The Dangers facing outdoor cats

I couldn’t possibly be more excited that my article has been published! Thank You All About Cats Magazine – once again…


dangers facing outdoor cats

On page 16 of the magazine you will find my article

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  1. I’m happy for those cats these people helped and I’m happy for those people too. Sending them my best wishes. I also help cats and did some TNR in the place where I live, although it’s not really “trapping” in my case, as local cats come to carriers quite easily.

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