6th dog sense

For a long time now, I have used my animals’ judgement to assess the nature of people I meet.

I am not saying that I am a poor judge of character – In truth I find it’s quite the opposite and that my intuition is always right. The predicament is that I always give people more chances than they actually deserve. My heart over-rides my intuition and more than often – I end up getting hurt.

In some cases my heart still dominates the decision making process and it ends up limping around bandaged and feeling sorry for itself.

If only I would listen to my furry family and my intuition 100% of the time.

When I was a teenager and my Doberman ostracised a courter I realised there and then that it wasn’t meant to be. She was an amazing creature who under no circumstances felt it necessary to suppress her judgement. She would sit in a position that would give her every opportunity to intimidate “the opponent”. Even if you were not the brightest crayon in the bunch you would realise that she had sized you up and your visits were numbered.

So now I ask – why is it that when people see a dog locked outside come rain or shine; with negligible contact or attention; that they don’t see instantaneously that the “owners” of this dog have issues with compassion?

I find it difficult to say that so-and-so is a good person, when they don’t make every effort to see to their furry family members’ veterinary care. It irks me to hear that a guardian left a furry child to suffer a painful death. It can leave me seething that someone can propose to call themselves a rescuer, yet if an animal is “too far gone” going out to end a creature’s pain is not worth the effort.

Can you imagine what dogs and cats would pen on “human shaming” images? I shudder to think.

Have you thought about what your furry family would jot on your very own “human shaming” image? They know all, see all. On a humorous note – do you even chase them out the room when you strip down and bear during our daily ablutions? Eeek!!!

Have you thought what they would scribble down about your friends who visit?

I am sure they know very well which of your friends kick the dog that runs tail wagging, ears flopping in the breezy haste to greet them.

I was chatting to a friend the other day about homing puppies and she had a very clear idea of which of her acquaintances and family members she would allow animals to be adopted to. This made me think – if you wouldn’t want an animal to be homed to a person; why would you want to call them “friend”? I am ashamed by family of my own for the redundant ideas they spew from their mouths. Strangely enough it is the same family members who treat animals badly and speak about them in a negative light; who have treated and spoken about me in the same manner. Food for thought.

Once again I find myself partial to my cats and dogs of present and past, rather than the humans. Excepting of course – to the humans who have a mutual fondness – for the furry and feathered kind.

I leave you now with a parting thought, a quote I adore: Mahatma Gandhi — ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’


Now its your turn: Do your animals reactions to people affect your decision making process?


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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. I learnt the hard way that my cats don’t like certain people. We had a visitor who over stayed their welcome and left extremely late, Ami James who would have normally been inside and asleep at the time stayed outside during the entire visit and was killed in a hit and run. Now I don’t allow visitor after sundown.

  2. Animals don’t just warn us in our daily lives. They warn of major events too. If the animals start to run away en masse, I would too.

  3. Tilanie Meierhans

    I love this article and am going to share on Star Pets

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