It’s been a week of roaring. I know last Saturday is over a week ago; but that is when the roaring began.

A friend of mine and our children joined up with many others on the Durban Beach front to ROAR for the lions. Emotion overflowed as we marched from Blue Waters to the new amphitheatre in front of The Beach Hotel.







Ironically I was really disappointed on Monday to see John Edward punting the petting of tamed lion cubs on his facebook page. This kind of post only incites further tourists wanting to do the same thing; and is exactly what we were marching about. We want our wildlife protected – and celebrities should really educate themselves properly prior to punting canned hunting or furthermore poaching.



The term “canned hunt” refers to the shooting of exotic animals on game farms or hunting ranches that are in the business of breeding or buying exotic animals so that “hunters” can pay to be guaranteed a kill. Tamed animals from zoos, backyard breeders and those who mistakenly got them as pets are their favorite targets because they are accustomed to being around people and won’t run when the client walks up to them to take a shot.

Wilder animals are baited with food into shooting range and the truly wild, are shot in their transport cages or in the back of the trailers in which they arrived.

These operations claim to only offer non-endangered exotic animals to would-be hunters, but provide a smokescreen to enable illegal activities such as hunting endangered animals.

One common source for big cats in canned hunts in South Africa comes from the game farms where the owners tell the public that they are raising lions for reintroduction to the wild. They sell a sad story about how the cubs were orphaned or rejected by their mothers and tell you that for a fee you can help bottle feed them and thus do something fun and help insure that the cub gets a second chance to live free. What customers don’t know is that as soon as the cubs are too big to handle, they are turned out into fenced yards where hunters shoot them after paying a fee.

There is no legitimate facility that will allow you to have contact with big cats. If they are allowing such contact, you know immediately that you should just Say NO!

On a lighter note: I am sure that our dog thinks that he is a cat… he is round about the same size as our cats.

The other day, I heard Blu squealing up the passage and found it rather bizarre that according to Fairy he was “under duress”. Until I saw for myself what exactly transpires between him and The Stig… They have somewhat of a love hate relationship. They love to lay and cuddle but given the slightest opportunity, Stig high-tails it up the passage after Blu and wild paws him a “poes klap”. This only after he spent a little time cleaning his bitch slapper. Blu who then runs; tail between his legs – to my feet; with a crazed cat; looking like a mohawked tyrannosaurus not far behind him.

On a parting note the up roar: “the family” are “upset” by my blog post from last week. To make this short and sweet uh not so sweet; or should I say to be honest with my feelings; I simply don’t care.

Not that I think they’re bothered; considering their track history; but I do hope that they have thought about their actions and realised why I feel like I do.

I really don’t want to dwell on this any longer so my last words for “the family” are: No need to act childishly and tattle tale to The Fish – we happen to agree on the subject; and well – you’re just showing your true self by trying to meddle in a marriage. Go forth now and gossip your little hearts out… I honestly don’t care what you think – just like you didn’t care while I consoled Fairy’s broken heart – caused by YOUR deceit; and underhanded malice. I have realised for a long time now that you only contact me when you want something. And food for thought – how about talking to each other instead of about each other? That alone would eliminate some of the drama in your lives. Remember you attract your own drama – so it’s important to look at your own life and realise where you are causing your problem. We realise that we allowed your abuse; but now we end it; because being hurt does not serve our purpose.


In the mean time we’ll live drama free; continuing to make a difference in the lives of the voiceless – excepting of course the escapades of the mohawked tyrannosaurus.


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