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Usually I would rather avoid talking about my spirituality. You know, religion, politics… but when three people in one day decide to minister to you – making you wonder if they think that you are a heathen – I think that it’s time to broach the subject.

My spirituality is love, it’s kindness, it’s simply believing.

Let me explain.

If you follow my blog you will know that I have researched my ancestry, and that my roots stem from both Judaism and Christianity.

When I was born my Gramps took me to Shul. I was given a Hebrew name, and he taught me about the Jewish Faith. I avidly participated in celebrations and learned as much as I could from him.

My Gran however converted back to Christianity, and my mom followed suit. I was baptised in the NG Kerk. At 16 I chose to be confirmed in the same Church. I passed my exam in Afrikaans with flying colours.

Since then I have lived, I have learned about other faiths and I respect those who follow them. I’ve visited both a Spiritualist Church and an Ashram.

I’ve attended English Churches in my area, and completed an Alpha Course. I’ve read books written by pastors, and various spiritual people to learn about their journeys, which has taught me to respect another persons path.

The problem for me always stems down to the people. They don’t know their Bibles – yet they try to “teach” you. Let me tell you that knowing the New Testament alone; is NOT knowing your Bible. There are many lessons to be learned in the Book as an ENTIRITY. To make a point – today people tend to forget that the Ten Commandments exist…

What made me cringe yesterday – and I mean horrifyingly so, was that two of the three people who chose to “preach” to me; believed that Hebrews / Jews were “evil”. It is this kind of thinking that


Come on people!!

What a complete turnaround from the people I encountered last week. Last week was an amazing affirmation. I came across people living their Spirituality for the greater good. I met believers.

You see, I believe that if you don’t ask for what you want in your life; you have no chance of receiving it. I believe that what you do receive are integral tools for your journey while this body is walking on the Earths plane. I believe that my Journey is a different one to yours. Theoretically speaking we are born with alternate talents, so it is impossible for us to be on the same path.

My path is with animals. Your path may be with people.

What is important is that we follow what the Bible taught us. Don’t belittle each other. Don’t judge. The fact that you felt the need to speak to me as if I am a heathen tells me that you are following a judgemental nature. It also tells me that you don’t know me at all.

Please before you think that I am on the wrong path, or that anyone is on the wrong path, rather find out the facts.

Eliminating negativity from your life is not evil. Knowing that herbs, crystals – God made items are all given to us for a reason, for healing… is not evil.

Meditation is NOT EVIL.

Do you not meditate? Do you not have quiet time to spend concentrating on your faith?

I know I’ve said it before but COME ON PEOPLE!

If you emit a kinder frequency on those you encounter on a daily basis, you’re sharing kindness. Another thing I’ve said before is – have you not noticed that a smile is infectious? It’s these simple things if practiced daily that can lead to bigger things. Its noticing and being grateful for the beautiful trees, plants, EARTH that you are living on that increases your positive vibration.

Just like an infectious smile your vibration magnetises back to you. Faith is not as difficult as you think….

Reflection Wide Desktop Background

So when you choose to speak over someone, as if they don’t know as much as you… you’re breaking that vibration. You’re turning it into negative energy. Isn’t there enough of that in the world today? If you ask me there is way too much negative energy in the world. If we were living in the times of the Old Testament, God would have wiped us out in a flood.

To conclude, I would like to say thank you for making me see that you were sent to test me. I realised that my Spiritual Journey is firm, and that you cannot sway me from my path, make me back track. You are on your own journey and I respect that – I would appreciate that you now respect me. And please; don’t talk to me about the Bible in its entirety and come up with a daft statement that Jews are evil. Rather go back and read, meditate and learn some more… take this highly spiritual period we are going into now with Easter and Pesach to re-evaluate and set your journey on fire.


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