Animaltalk Magazine Article – May Issue

It is now June, so I can safely share the article I wrote for Animaltalk Magazine, highlighting The Pav Cats


The Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville,

Durban is where we focus on a community of

felines and their human carers.

In the frames of the team of the Kitten

Action, Pav Cats feeding and sterilisation

scheme you would find the producer of Kitten

Action, Mandy, who cares for various feral cats

in the highway area. Her passion for feral cats

drove her to initiate the first feeding station

at The Pavilion. Since then the Kitten Action

warriors have come into existence. Feral cat

champions Tracey and Doug of the Feral Cat

Rescue Trust added their expertise and have

tirelessly trapped Pav cats to be sterilised.

Without trapping and sterilising The Pavilion

will never be a kitten-free zone. The common

approach to stabilising a feral cat population

is termed TSR (trap, sterilise, release). Before

releasing them back into their feral colonies,

the tip of one ear is clipped to mark the

feral as neutered and inoculated. This tactic

prevents breeding and reduces behaviour

problems such as fighting, spraying and

creating noise caused by competition for food.

The Kitten Action warriors then enter the

scene. Without a dedicated team to regularly

feed the cats, trapping becomes a very

difficult task. Volunteers are therefore

valuable assets to ensure the efforts of

Tracey and Doug are not futile.

Volunteers come in various shapes and sizes,

and besides feeders, fosters play a vital

supporting role in helping feral cats. Kittens

easily purr their way into your heart, thus a

firm hand is needed to send them on their

way to forever homes once they have been

tamed. Janet and her daughter Kayla are the

ladies for the job. They caringly invite kittens

into their home on a regular basis. Not an

easy task!

None of this would be possible without

Mandy meeting with the centre management

at The Pavilion and coordinating with Kloof

and Highway SPCA, as well as Di managing

publicity on social media, in a team effort to


And not forgetting YOU, the public, without

whose generosity this scheme would not

exist. It is impossible to feed a large number

of cats without an occasional donation of

cat food.

Cats, like humans, get sick too, and

donations help to cover their veterinary care

and treatment, sterilisations, inoculations

and other costs incurred.

visit our Facebook page for regular updates

or view our website for more information


Thank you Animaltalk Magazine you guys ROCK! 🙂



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