The word happiness as defined by Wikipedia is: contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, joy, delight, bliss, enjoyment but to name a few.


We have become so used to defining our days with what makes us happy in a material sense that we have forgotten about the little treasures in life.  No wonder really, we are constantly rushing from home to work to get to a meeting and half the population needs to detour to school or school events.  There just does not seem to be time to smell the roses, or so we think.

Happiness is a state of mind.  It is of fundamental importance to the human well being and yet most human beings are unhappy.


Did you know that 20 March was declared INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS by the United Nations, to recognise happiness and well being as a universal goal.


Your attitude can make such a big difference as to your feeling happy or unhappy.  We face various situations every day and some may not be particularly happy.  However, it is our choice as to whether we continue thinking about the event that has caused our unhappiness or to let it go and think about a happy event.  Are you going to enslave yourselves to the unhappiness that has just taken place or are you going to free your mind from that which is causing you sadness.  The choice is yours.


Feelings of happiness seem to be synonymous with achieving that which you have set out to be or gain.  Doing what you love, falling in love, and feeling cherished.  On a whole, most of you experience happiness due to external events or factors featuring in your lives.  Very seldom is happiness equated with feelings of inner peace and satisfaction about what or who you are.  Happiness occurs as your mind becomes calmer and more peaceful, then it is easier to choose to be happy.


Here are a few tips you can implement for happiness in your daily life:


  1. Try to look at life differently – the glass is half full not half empty
  2. Find solutions instead of pondering on the problems
  3. Look for the funny in life and read a joke or two
  4. Watch your thoughts, when you find yourself pondering problems, stop, let them go
  5. Read something inspirational
  6. Be grateful for what you have achieved, know you are on a journey to get to the next level of accomplishment
  7. Wake up in the morning being glad for a new day, a new chance to live life to the full
  8. Always wake in the morning expecting to be happy
  9. Everyday do one small thing that makes your heart sing
  10. Each day do one kind deed for someone else
  11. Smile more often
  12. Try not to let the negativity of news or world affairs affect you

Simple little things can change our perspective.  Whilst sitting in a traffic jam on route to school or work, look at the sky and see the birds – what a privilege to have your sight to see the beauty of an early morning sunrise.  And yes, of course it is frustrating to be stuck in that traffic jam, but consider how many people are having to walk to their given destinations.  Even if you are not stuck in a car in the traffic and you are catching a bus, or walking to work, stop to look at the sky and realise the precious moment you hold in your sight.

Capture those little moments in life and think on them when days seem grey and grim.  Remember the smile it brought to your face and know that happiness, true happiness lies within your very soul.

Living a more content life eases stress and strain, and life is busy enough without adding more gloom and doom.

Try those little tips, they work perhaps not immediately, but the more you practice them the easier it becomes to go to your happy space even when you are bombarded with unhappy events.

Let’s make a HAPPY train:
1. Be sure to comment below with what you are HAPPY about today –
2. Then share this post with your comment as the caption and add: WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?
3. ALL ABOARD!!! 🙂


About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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