Can negative emotions actually be good for you?

Well, lets think about this.

We can definitely agree that drama is not good for us. Yes drama queens. Every time you post that attention seeking post on facebook (flip life revolves around social media doesn’t it) you are attracting NEGATIVE ATTENTION.

Negative attention will only get you a bevy of negative nancies who will wallow with you – but never really have a CONNECTION with you. Now that is what is important… the CONNECTION..

If you really want people to take notice and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their lives or others lives – it more important to get POSITIVE ATTENTION. By positive attention, I mean using your situation and putting a positive spin on it WITHOUT THE DRAMA.

In the long run this kind of behaviour will benefit you. Yes, you may think the drama is benefiting you… but in fact it is only because you are receiving a NEGATIVE sense of reality with the mollycoddling you receive. When that influx has died down you are right back to square one… in the dumps where you first started.


I know that I personally have anger issues….

No one is perfect. Anger is one of those emotions that will always be there. My advice if anything is to not bottle it up. That bottle can only hold so much and will explode at some point or another

Getting more in touch with spirituality however has calmed me in unbelievable ways. I still get angry – get real… who doesnt? I have just learned to rather breathe, and channel my NEGATIVE energy into something POSITIVE.

I turn up the sound on the radio!

I release my energy…. I rant…. If I rant on social I make damned sure that I have a positive result in mind and I mention it. Its PROactive. Yes once again I am mentioning social media… why? because negative reactions tend to travel further than positive ones. I have made a conscious decision to send positive ripples out into the universe, and I get a thrill out of seeing kindness flow rather than the dregs of a half sided argument that no-one will really ever get the full story to.


Sometimes you actually need to just cry. Making someone feel self conscious for having emotion is like saying that – you never get angry so no one else must either….

I say BRING – IT – ON! Dig out that sad movie if you have to and BALL YOUR EYES OUT. You will feel so much lighter when you are done.

what i am really trying to say here is that you should own your feelings. Own them, but don’t wear them as a badge! Channel that energy into making yourself feel better. If you feel better you will be able to channel positive energy on to others.


It is as important to be together with people as it is to be alone.

I certainly dont think its negative to be alone. Especially for empaths. Empaths need time to reboot. People can be very draining – energy vampires even.

That alone time to meditate or simply do what you REALLY want to do brings balance into your life.


Now if there would be a moral to this story

I would say that it is important to be you.

Be authentic.

If someone doesn’t agree with you – remember there are are an equal amount who are out there who do agree with you – who are secretly hiding themselves because they too are too afraid to speak – to be authentic – so they blend in.

Be the one who fearlessly but positively attacks the world with self love… which shape shifts into world love… universal love…



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About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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