I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to – energy vampires

Since the beginning of the year I have seen so many people with new eyes.

Not in a judgemental way… no.

In a way that I realise that I have grown to a point that I no longer need their energy on my journey.

I have chosen to live simply, live gratefully and live my life in a way that is authentic to me and my journey. 

I have cleaned up my life so that I can grow spiritually.  It is true that as you grow on a spiritual journey – the more people you loose. It isn’t a bad thing though – Look at the “loss” for what it is. You have grown out of a person so that your and their journeys can grow to their fullest… or not… Its up to what that person chooses!

In using social media I have even cleaned up my private friend list to eliminate energies that do not serve me and my journey so that I can be as positive as I possibly can be. In fact I used my broom just yesterday.

Today the person I swept out of my space contacted me – apparently in a ploy to be the “voice of reason” in her own problems. In fact I suspect she simply wanted to pick a fight. A fight which had nothing to do with me.
To explain my point of this post… in the beginning of the year I highlighted an issue of my own to the very same person – who could have helped me – been my voice of reason – however, she refused to – and turned on the innocent doe eyes in an attempt to blind me from her true intentions. The empath in me gave her the benefit of the doubt to a point… to a point that I kept her at arm’s length because my gut knew better.

So, today, I made it clear that I do not want to be involved in situations which attract negativity and drama to my life. this was the reason for my clean sweep, and the fact that I involve myself in circles of positive energies.

I choose to live peacefully.

I choose to own my own journey. I don’t own energies thrust upon me by others. That is their energy to own and deal with.

As a grounded empath I recognise negative energy for what it is; I recognise energy that is not mine and I turn away from it.

Now that I am writing and “putting order to my thoughts” I realise that this was the attempt of an energy vampire. I successfully kept my energy and I am feeling empowered! I know that I have learned another valuable lesson.

An energy vampire is a person that feeds off the life force or energy (or ch’i) of other living creatures.

You may notice that the Energy Vampire displays many of the following characteristics: (you may notice that some if not all of these characteristics result in negative attention – which is one of the ways in which energy vampires gain their energy)

  • Big ego, e.g. loves to debate, argue and pick fights.
  • Aggressive or passive-aggressive tendencies.
  • Paranoia.
  • Resentment and anger issues.
  • Narcissism
  • Melodramatic behavior.
  • Whining and complaining.
  • Bitching and gossiping.
  • Insecurity, e.g. the constant need for reassurance and acceptance.
  • Manipulative behaviors, e.g. guilt tripping, emotional blackmail etc.
  • Jealousy.

Energy Vampires are, in most cases, takers rather than givers who gain free “therapy” sessions with their family, friends, lovers, colleagues and even children and strangers who are on the receiving end.

Some help when it comes to energy vampires:

Recognize the Signs
One of the first things to do is to recognize when you’re being drained, and that begins with tuning in to your physical reactions. Is there a tightening in your chest when a certain person enters the conversation? Do you feel tired when you hang up the phone after speaking with someone? Does your headache, or do you feel negative or your energy drop when in the company of certain people?

Take a Deep Breath
The moment you feel zapped—take a breath. Breathing is a wonderful way to center yourself. Just follow the breath and tell yourself that you know what’s happening and you can deal with it. It’s important to remember our individual power. The minute somebody comes in who’s bossy or blaming, we feel diminished and tense up. If we can focus on the breath, or on an image of a striking sunset or a view from a mountaintop, the tension will drift away.
AND remember to ground yourself!

Use Your Energy
Protect yourself! You can also use some of your own subtle energy to counter the effects of an energy vampire. Visualize a protective white light around you: an energy shield. You can still hear the person who’s yelling at you or blaming you or pushing herself into your sphere, but she won’t cut into you so viscerally anymore. You’ve created a buffer zone, where her negative influences can dissipate.

Set Boundaries 

(this is exactly what I did today)
Setting boundaries is another way of protecting yourself; you draw a line saying, for instance, “This is what I can do for you, and this is what I can’t.” You don’t have to convince the vampire of the rightness of your stance. Getting defensive simply adds to the negative charge of the encounter.  You want to remain neutral. When someone starts pushing your buttons, and you start sizzling inside, you’ve got to make the decision not to react.

Step Back
I also suggest you step back and think about what type of people aggravate you, because I believe that one law of energy is that we attract what we haven’t yet worked out in ourselves. If I’m a very angry person, I’ll find myself surrounded by angry people. By paying attention to the people who seem so draining, you might discover something you need to address. It has been my experience that once you’ve worked through a particular issue, you’re no longer worn out by that kind of energy vampire. And the vampires, robbed of a source, move on to more easily drainable audiences.


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