Animals and Mercury Retrograde

I have had many requests for comms to track missing animals recently, especially during mercury retrograde so I decided to do a little research.

The result I found is that animals feel the disconnect as much as we do… and well now that I am focusing on it I realise that my animals have been acting … not like themselves…

As a mother of fur and feather children I am fully aware that they can make your life rather chaotic at times, especially if they live in the house. During Mercury retrograde is one of those times that their chaotic selves will spill over – more than usual…

I learned that because Mercury rules domestic animals they are particularly susceptible to his influence. Besides having the same tendency toward confusion and misunderstanding as their human friends, animals tend to get out of hand and sometimes just plain weird. This is when the normally well behaved pet decides to act up, and the not so well behaved ones get worse. The housebroken puppy forgets his training, the usually lazy cat climbs the drapes and the bird learns bad language (no need to be surprised his language is naturally foul – excuse the pun… right Project Prettiness).

Don’t tempt fate during a Mercury retrograde period!!

During Mercury Retrograde collars can break and split open unexpectedly, or slip over an animal’s head; or a leash can disengage from a collar in the middle of a busy street. This kind of nightmare obviously has tragic potential.

Ensure that your animals are safe and secure when you open gates.

If your fur children are not micro chipped, make plans ahead of the next mercury retrograde to get one inserted. Well, you don’t want to risk getting one during retrograde in case of the well-known Mercury malfunctions!

Make sure his or her ID tag is firmly secured to his collar, and that it’s still readable (i.e. the lettering hasn’t all rubbed away with wear).

Consider getting a collar that’s personalized with your phone number, these precautions will help reunite you with your fur child if you should ever become separated.

If your fur child is missing, please, please, physically go to SPCA’s and local vets with photographs / posters in hand to ensure that they haven’t landed up there. Mercury is well known for miss communication. You have to keep in mind that SPCA branches are extremely busy and can’t possibly know markings and quirks of every animal that has passed through their doors. You need to make the effort to find your fur child!

I can tell you from my communications that they are waiting for you and are expecting you to make every effort possible to find them!

Here are some ways in which your animals may change during Mercury Retrograde:

Doggie Disconnect:

Now is not the time to leave your dog tied outside anywhere that you can’t keep a constant eye on him – you could come out and find he’s run off or been stolen.

If your dog is on a complicated medication and/or supplement schedule, be absolutely sure you’ve understood all of your vet’s instructions so you won’t under- or overdose him. It helps to post the instructions in your kitchen for easy reference.

Mercury retrograde might make it seem like your dog has two personalities.

Every time you tell your dog to sit, your dog decides to rollover instead (and vice versa).

You take your dog to the dog run, and your usually active canine won’t run – and decides to take a long nap in the grass.

Vocal dogs become silent, and quiet dogs become yappy!

Your territorial canine can’t be bothered with their favourite toy anymore – but don’t get rid of it (the toy!), remember this is a passing phase


Cat-ankerous Kitty:

Your indoor cat suddenly decides to become an outdoor cat – escaping through the open back patio door while you’re not looking.

Your finicky feline won’t eat the food that took you two years to find – even though last week they couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Although your cat usually sleeps at the end of your bed every night, now they hide and leave you worried without any sleep.

You have absolutely no idea why your cat keeps meowing at you, and none of your regular appeasing systems work!

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Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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