Teaching positive thinking to children

I am a parent who feels it necessary to instil values in my children that will help them to stand up and be head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to them being their authentic selves.

When I look at my journey of spirituality I have struggled immensely to have faith in myself and my abilities. It took me quite some time to clear off ingrained idiocies that were drummed into me. I had to clear my slate as such so that I could progress. I wish that I had the opportunity to start with something as simple as positive thinking.


Positive thinking would have helped to boost my self-esteem realistically – I honestly believe that having a positive self-esteem is the first stepping stone which can launch you into which ever direction you please.

My son has been the receiving end of bullies and I believe that positive thinking will help him conquer situations and continue to live authentically.

On to the task at hand… how do you as a parent convey this to your children?

The law of attraction is a universal law that is basically like a boomerang. What you put out into the universe will return to you. As a young child or teenager hearing that you are responsible for creating your problems sounds more like blame. Can you imagine your teenager reacting to that?

This is why it is better to take a positive approach with them. Show them how the law of attraction can work for them and let them work off a positive.

Start with a Positive outlook:

Remember that children learn from example so your attempts at living positively will already be working their way to your children.

When the going gets though, and negativity starts to creep in, offer support and let them know that you are optimistic.

Let them know that anger, frustration, sadness… are feelings and that they have the power to decide how it affects them. Explain to them how you cope with your emotions. For younger children choose a scenario that they would remember and elaborate on how you felt etc

Teach them that there is always a silver lining to every situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. Show them that through that experience they learned something. That lesson may just be that they will be able to cope better when they are approached by a similar incident.

Having an attitude like this teaches your child to focus on the positives.

Being surrounded by positive people helps raise our vibrations and will attract more of the same. Teach them to make note of how people make them feel. This will help greatly with children who are empaths and need to learn to recognise energy and how they affect our vibrations.

Praise and encouragement:

Children thrive on encouragement and praise. Besides encouraging them, make sure that when you talk about them to others that what you say is positive, so they can hear about good points, positives and will be keen to work on them.

Make sure that you recognise the effort that they put into things and tell them what you liked about them. If you have a criticism, make sure that it is done in a positive light. For instance “that apple tart was really nice! Next time you should try adding cinnamon too.”

Tell them often how proud you are, and remember to express it on social media too. We are living in that day and age after all!

Remember that you and your children have a connection unlike any other and you have the ability to sense each other’s vibrations and can easily raise them together.

In my home music is a constant vibration raiser – …


Young children and teenagers have highly active imaginations so take advantage of it and allow and encourage them to visualise their dreams. Talk about what they want from life; their current goals (grades; chores; hobbies); future jobs etc. Teach them to see themselves living their dreams in their visualisations and experience the joy with them as they tell you about where their mind takes them.

For younger children don’t dismiss their imaginary friends. Ask them questions about the friend as if you believe there is a possibility the friend really exists. There is a possibility that they are very well real!

By encouraging a lively imagination you are helping them write better stories and are therefore helping them with their studies too!

Give the impression that all dreams are worth considering.

And why be realistic… the sky is never the limit… the universe is!


Teach your children to be grateful and happy for what they have. Take a look at the day and point out the good points and get them to mention what made them feel good too.

I love the imagery behind writing what you’re grateful for on a balloon or lantern and letting it go free in to the sky. It’s symbolically setting your intentions.

It is important that children value what they have from a young age.

I remember my brother saying once how impressed my children were when they received clothing as birthday and Christmas gifts and how much he hated it. It is true. I pride myself that they appreciate what they have. Not to blow my own horn – it’s good parenting…


Teach your children about the power of words.

It is better to speak with positive words than negative ones.

With positive words they increase their self-confidence.

My son was extremely nervous about his exams and explained that he was experiencing a host of emotions. I told him that he needed to take a deep breath and trust that he had studied well enough. After his exam he was smiling. He had proven to himself that he had put enough effort into studying and he felt good about writing the paper.

Focus and Belief:

As children grow up and their abilities awaken, teach them the importance of focus in their dreams and desires with a positive attitude and full expectation. Talk to them about the importance of belief and how this positive expectation linked to action will lead them to the realization of their dreams.

There are even more ways than this too.

Feel free to comment with your ideas on teaching the law of attraction to children

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