Indifference – eating away at the core

What does the human race luuuurrrvvve to do?
The easiest thing.
And what is that? I hear you ask.

They love to become ostriches and bury their heads in the sand.

What doesn’t hurt them or affect themselves personally they basically pretend that they never saw and continue with their merry lives.

As a spiritual person I know only too well that besides following the mantra of putting yourself first, you should also be authentic to your journey and be spreading kindness as you go.

As much as people say – the rules are there to be broken – I would say that every person should have a clear basis of morals, their own “10 commandments” which should be adhered to. Yes, and well the sticky conversation of the Bible and how so-and-so is judgemental and the Bible states… Blah blah blah…

Quite frankly I go by what I was taught as a child… On one Friday I attended one of the many Bible study classes with my Grandmother. The lady who spoke on that day (forgive me I have forgotten her name) said to us that the Bible is so much a rule book to life as we portray it.

If you have to use your intuition, hold your Bible in your hands, pray on an answer to your current predicament or perhaps just ask for some daily inspiration, the Great Book will provide it for you.

She explained further that one can read a verse today and receive wisdom. However, one can read the same verse months or possibly years later and receive NEW wisdom.

That is how Spirit works. Spirit is always authentic. Spirit always comes from a place of LOVE and LIGHT.

People are the ones who mess the perfect sync of the universe up. They bury their heads in the sand when something doesn’t fit in with their cushy existence. They wear rose coloured glasses and are blinded by evil. They are quick to preach the laws of the universe but are slow to live by them on all counts.

Now another grave lesson I learned was when I first started networking for animal welfare years ago. If you ignore an animals pain, the cruelty they endure, you are so-to-say an instigator of their situation.
Ignore cruelty and there will surely be a bigger and far worse situation to clean up.


Yes. Apathy, being fickle, wearing those rose coloured glasses does not allow for you to see the bigger picture. Nor does it help the victims.
It helps the aggressor, the perpetrator, the criminal.
I know this far too well as being a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse. If I had been removed from my situation I would have been far better off and I relate to this every day that I use my gift to help and animal through communications. I know that I am their voice.

Once again as a spiritual person I know that being in tune to nature is your biggest asset. Nature is the root of where existence began and how we go back to being pure and clean beings. It is also the fundamental lore that we should keep sacred to ensure spiritual awakening and growth. After all, if we go back to Genesis, Adam and Eve only complicated life for themselves and humanity when the apple was eaten and began to chip away at the core of simple living.

Now, I also know that if a situation is nipped in the bud it has no reason to become dire or out of hand. I know that if the victims are protected first and foremost and we don’t throw the Rule Book out the window along with the 10 commandments the world would be a far easier place to live in.
Unfortunately however, criminals and wrong doers have being receiving sympathy of those in control, have not been made an example of, have not been disciplined for their wrong doings and are making the lives of good decent people more difficult.

I will always stand behind the underdog, the victim – THE REAL VICTIM. Not the wrong doer who managed to fashion those in charge with rose coloured glasses and sympathy to hide his many crimes.

And from someone who has lived through her own personal hell… You have no excuse what so ever to make your past or difficult present an excuse. You don’t ever have the right to hurt another person. You do however have the right to speak out AND NOT BE SILENCED. It is an atrocity to all victims and survivors to silence a victim.

I think it is your duty as a victim/survivor to make situations work for you and in the process HELP people going through the same thing. That way you give the person who caused you pain the middle finger in a big way.

Why, because you are making one unsightly negative a positive and abusers can’t stand that!


About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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