How do you know its time to say goodbye? Time to cross the bridge…

How do you know its time to say goodbye? Time to cross the bridge…


As a mother of fur children, I know too well that making the decision to humanely euthanise your beloved family member is no easy feat.


I won’t beat around the bush here, you have to be very hard on yourself because in all honesty, emotionally you will be wanting to do everything possible to keep your fur child with you as long as possible.


Although you will need some softly guided assistance, love and kindness; you will have to get down to the nitty gritty of it and in the end you will have to make a difficult decision.


The fact is that you need to detach yourself from what is happening so that you can make a decision that will best honour your fur child’s life. Getting a mushy response from someone isn’t going to help anyone here…


So let’s get down to it…


Your fur child is connected to you on an emotional and spiritual level. When you are angry for instance, they pick up on your emotions and will act out accordingly. This is why I specifically ask you to detach your emotions when making this life altering decision.


The best way to make a logical decision is to look at your fur child’s quality of life.


Look at their coat. Is it still healthy? For instance is kitty still regularly bathing herself?

This excludes grooming that you do regularly.


Then take a look at this chart:

This helps you to logically assess your fur child.


Quality Of Life Assessment


* 8 points: No longer can walk

* 3  points: Walks to eat, drink, or toilet only

* 1 Point: Stiff, cannot run


* 8 Points: Cannot get up without help

* 3 Points: Arises slowly, is stiff


* 8 Points: Is not eating &/or drinking

* 5 Points: Losing weight &/or dehydrated


* 3  Points: Does not play anymore

* 1 Point: Limited playfulness, reduced play interest


* 8  Points: Urinates or defecates on self

* 8 Points: Painful urination or defecation on a chronic basis

* 3  Points: Cannot hold urine or feces indoors / has accidents


* 5 Points: Shows aggression when approached (fangs, growling)

* 3 Points: No longer shows affection even when petted or rubbed

* 1 Points: Only shows affection when laying down

____ <== Total Points

Recommendation Table

Total Points – Action

1-3 Re-assess every 90 days

4-7 Re-assess every 30 days

8+ Euthanasia recommended



* 8 Points: Cries or moans when moving or re-positioning

* 4 Points: Avoids all but necessary activity such as eating or toileting

* 2 Points: Cannot climb stairs or inclines

* 1 Points: Stiffness


____ <== Total Points


Insight Method: This goes by you stepping into your fur childs paws to make the decision.

Answer these questions honestly…


Do I want to be alive any longer?


Do I still enjoy life?


Am I ready to go?


Another factor to take into your decision making process.


How difficult is the process of medicating and treating your pet? Is the medical intervention disturbing your bond with your pet or making you feel like you are traumatising him? If your cat is hiding under the bed all the time to avoid taking pills, perhaps lengthening his life is not the best choice for either of you.


Saying Good-bye

Losing a pet affects not only the people, but can also upset other pets in the home. The makeup of your family has changed with the loss of your pet, and you may notice that your surviving ones may also experience grief. Sometimes you will observe crying, loss of appetite, looking for the missing pet, oversleeping, house-soiling mistakes, even disobedience. The adjustment to a new hierarchy within the home can also be a cause of change in behaviour. If you feel the surviving animal is bereaving offer a special treat, a new toy — and most of all, extra attention from you. Remember, we heal but never forget…


* Gather humans and animals who love the pet, for a chance to say good-bye. The humans may want to light candles and put them in a sand tray while they share a few special words or memories. Soon, the room will be illuminated by many glowing candles.


* Share a special time alone with the pet. Make a special meal, go to a favourite park, and spend time cuddling and petting. You might want to bring a camera for pictures.


There are many ways to memorialise a beloved pet, such as making a contribution to a local animal rescue organisation, or building a web page with pictures of your pet.


For more ideas on memorials and help with grief, read more here…


The rainbow bridge

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