who are you to judge?

Not my usual kind of post but I really feel as if I need to say something or I’ll burst…

Towards the end of 2015 the meme’s surfaced with Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana literally trashing The Kardashians.

Is that fur I see??? to the activist I saw saying that Audrey wasn’t a “fur hag” unlike the Kardashians… hmmmm

Don’t get me wrong I am by no means trying to condone wearing fur, unless of course the fur is live and has a nasty habit of clawing your boobs as if they are his comfy kneading pillows…

But… I really can’t say that I haven’t used the “sex sells” route in my advertising history… so we’ll just scratch that from the list of ways to bash The Kardashians…

If I had to deal with half the paparazzi and hater bashing these ladies endure – well let’s just say that halo would go to witch then bitch and sommer just stay there for the hell of it because my word people on social media become “robot keyboard warriors” who forget that the PEOPLE on the other end of their classless, judgemental rants actually have feelings. Now The Kardashians take all of this nonsense from people who have no right to judge – because honestly NOONE IS PERFECT – and just have to carry on as if it never phased them… mean time… back on the ranch I am sure the hateful comments on their various social profiles do have a negative effect on them. Think about it, how do you feel when someone leaves a nasty comment on one of your posts? My mother taught me that if you can’t say anything nice rather don’t say it at all… didn’t yours?

I have actually always enjoyed the family banter of The Kardashians, their family is so big, and you have to be able to relate to one or more of them….
For me I can relate to Kourtney and her healthy, maybe call it new age lifestyle. She is such a mom… but a ball busting kick ass business mom. I wish I had her petite frame and looked like she does after three kids. Eek when I did the play quiz “which Kardashian would you be?” I was most likely Kourtney.
I can relate to Kris, well how could I not, she’s a Scorpio, and just one year older then my mom, another Scorpio. She’s hip, cool, fun and well when someone steps on her or her kids toes they will certainly that scorpion’s tail will rise and sting.
I think most of all I can fully relate to Khloe – I read and share her facebook posts because I understand them! I can also really relate her body image struggles… to make a long story short, my step father ensured that I had a low self-esteem and bad body image – so our stories are not the same but never the less relatable to me. Even with those negative thoughts she has had about her body, she manages to go out there and handle the barrage of cameras looking great. I wish that I had the confidence to do that… I hate seeing a photo of myself – and I have had pics of myself in the papers in the last few months…but I’ll get to that later…
All the Kardashian girls have used what they have to enter the business industry together or in their own unique way. I take inspiration from how they take the tools, positive or negative publicity and use them to their advantage and grow their business empire. I am a Capricorn, for heaven sakes, it impresses me…

So, yesterday I was watching Ellen and Demi Lavato said that she was grateful for The Kardashians simply because they have embraced their curves.
Well, those few words made so much sense to me – I had light bulbs flashing in disco, party, wooo hoo fashion…

YES! Damnit! Not everyone needs to be a freaking stick insect who eats no more than a lettuce leaf for lunch. To me stick insect is a BAD BODY IMAGE is not one I want to portray to my daughter or son. I support the, eat healthily lifestyle, everything in moderation.

So my hormones are screwed up. I don’t eat like a pig, I love fruit, veg and that’s what I love to eat. I the biggest meal I eat all year is on Christmas Day. And let me tell you, I was horrified and embarrassed at how much junk and deserts my so called “skinny and healthy “extended family could shovel in their mouths at a buffet restaurant. I would have been feeling ill after eating so much. They were worse than a pregnant Kim (sorry Kim LOL) BUT people would look at me eating healthily because I carry more weight than them.

I enjoy being healthy, eating healthily, and try to exercise as much as possible with asthma and hormones that resemble a roller coaster. I should be more proud that I can do what I do and have done than be worried about how some health and depression curveballs have changed me.

So thank you ladies, for making me laugh, cry, learn, enjoy and decide to continue on this year’s goal to love myself.

And to the haters…

Who the hell are you to judge? And from a spiritual point of view… Don’t call yourself deeply spiritual and make as though your halo isn’t tarnished while you’re making no qualms about judging people that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

Take that log out of your own eye, before you take the speck out of someone else’s…

and to change those posts… with Diana and Audrey… rather than being ANYBODY ELSE rather be YOU…
the world can do with less clones…


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