Kindness goes a long way…

So today, I very and I mean very nearly lost my cool.


I’m still struggling a little, especially with steps, with regards to my still healing leg spasms.


Yeah! Well when you walk up or down, the direction doesn’t matter ONE step and you resemble a highly intoxicated version of you and people – judgemental bastards – think that you are in fact intoxicated, driving with two teenagers, always telling each other off, and causing you to retreat to toddler days where you, moaned at them for being bad in the shops and threatened them with the naughty chair. In THAT tone of voice and THAT look on your face.

Okay so I can understand why they think I am intoxicated!! BUT I’M NOT!!! *STOMPS FOOT and throws fist around wildly* No seriously now, Muscle spasms are no bloody joke. I remember laying crying in a heap because walking to the loo was too difficult about 6 weeks ago… It’s been a long recovery let me tell you…

And as stated in my previous blog post, it was a mental and spiritual “letting go” experience for me.

So when I need to do something I damn well get up and do it.

Also  As stated previously, asking for help – yeah, that’s also an issue for me. I’d rather crawl across the desert than ask for help. In some very screwed up ways I could very well be a man…

So today when I couldn’t walk up some stairs, I FREAKING ASKED FOR HELP. I explained to the snooty, self centered, unkind woman on the phone that I was struggling, and I asked her for help. Not much help – no I wasn’t calling AA – the above intoxication paragraph was honestly a joke. I called for her to meet me at the bottom of some stairs because my body was UNABLE TO DO IT. It was just too wobbly and too stiff to consider.
So I asked if she would KINDLY walk down the stairs as the rules prescribed to no other manner of me doing what I needed to do. And I was unable to walk up the stairs. About 15 of them. – if I’m wobbly and intoxicated looking on one step imagine fifteen!! Its the age of my son for heavens sakes!

Miss snooty patooty. Replies after I explain my story and that every other option I could possibly have used has been exhausted… She replies…

“But madam you do not understand my position, come back on a lovely sun shiny day and I’ll meet you half way, but today I may just get wet!”

I may just fall and break my neck and leave my children without a mother completely – but never mind… You may just get WET!!


I have driven in a topless beach buggy and jeep take your pick It happened in both – in a spur of the moment Highveld freak storm to fetch my bratty little pre – teen brother from whatever sporty activity he was participating in branches breaking from trees, no jacket, freezing literally my tits off. I survived, but she can’t walk down 15 steps in a VERY mild drizzle?!


Gosh I loved this car…. raining wet and all!

Was I expecting too much of her, or has the lazy arsed one horse town attitude gotten to me yet again? I’m from Joburg biatch! There we get things done! You wouldn’t last there for a second let me tell you!

When I do, eventually, get there I am going to gift the snooty woman an umbrella as suggested by a friend of mine. Let me tell you that an umbrella wouldn’t last in a topless beachbuggy… Not for 5 seconds!!

Thank heavens for sarcasm.

Because I was considering going the route of writing an article about how shops and schools in the area could really be more friendly to differently abled people. Being in pain and finding it difficult to get around makes you think about how people with permanent disabilities struggle when there are less disabled, than mother to be parking bays. Being a mother to be can be challenging but I wouldn’t consider being a mother a disability, nor would I consider myself more needy than a pensioner or the disabled.

That’s a whole other article though, and my son has chosen it for his assignment topic.

In this posts instance I will say that kindness to other human beings is vital. I don’t care how demanding your job, or how high your nose is posted in the air, KINDNESS goes a long way.

Meeting me half way would not have killed you, neither would the rain might I add. Meeting me half way would have made my day and I would have posted it on one of my favourite groups of happy nice things done for others. I would have mentioned your organisation and well good publicity is good publicity. Instead you made me feel sad snooty woman, you made me feel less than capable of being the mother I could be, not because I was nasty, but because I was struggling and trying to be the best mother I could be under my difficult circumstances. And this all on International women’s day. Gosh women are really bitchy and that could really be toned down a notch… yes I’m a woman and I’m saying it!

So snooty woman, you could have been like the awesome lady at the Crazy Store in Westville Junction who noted my immense pain a few weeks back and kindly offered me a chair to sit on while my husband and children shopped. I will never forget such a kind gesture and still believe she deserves a raise in salary. I will continue shopping there…. May you kind lady be blessed with kind gestures 10 fold!

Snooty woman, try a random act of kindness. You may change a little and see others difficulties before your own. That is my prayer for you. That you find kindness.


reply received from the crazy store:

So from my sadness a lady will receive a boost!



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About Di

Di believes that the most important and most fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of two. She is an author and animal communicator. Her greatest passion is animals and their welfare. She enjoys writing about animals and topics to help others with their spiritual growth.

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  1. I am so glad that something good came from this!
    To the person who was so inflexible and rude, I also hope that you can get a little wet to help someone in need!
    I’ll also send you an umbrella!
    Umbrellas to be sent to? …

  2. Noreen Swartzberg

    Di reminds me of when i fell app 14 years ago, people stepped over me. Funny it was the black people who helped me, two of the people who walked past me were well known Doctors in this town. I heard one saying to someone <" I did not know Noreen drank" I ended up in hospital in Bloemfontein with a shattered hip. The surgeon told me , he had to use tweezers to get pieces of bone out. Since then I have fallen 3 times, its always been our black people who have helped me. So you have all my sympatihes, people some only will not help any one, but expect help when they need it

    • Amazing, the lady at the crazy store is a black lady, with all the racism we have had circulating lately, you know there is no bad race, there are just bad people of all races, religions and creeds.
      To me it doesn’t matter if you’re purple with pink spots, kindness is important, and I believe random acts of kindness deserve recognition. So I am glad that this lady will be told how wonderful she is for helping me and I hope the woman who was so rude, will decide to change her ways.

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