All About Di

My most important and most fulfilling “job” I have is being a mom of two.

I am a creative person, as an artist, I enjoy anything from photography to scetching.

I am very passionate about animals. I feed feral kitties in my community, as well as network for shelter / sanctuary animals in my province.
I believe that animals have rights and that we as humans should fight for the voiceless whether tame or wild.

I will not tolerate abuse of any kind.
I will fight for women and children who have been abused, whether verbally, mentally, sexually or physically.

I tend to be quite outspoken when it comes to the subjects I am passionate about.

On a lighter note, I thoroughly enjoy movies and music – music is certainly food for the soul.

Lastly, I believe that there is more to this life than what meets the naked eye and it is up to us to explore the “unknown”.


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