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My Story – Why I chose Animals

A good few years back, an author friend of mine encouraged me to write my story for her blog. She was highlighting the healing power of journaling or blogging about experiences with domestic violence.

I wrote an edited version of my experiences and circulated it since then.

In the back of my mind though, I never felt like it was enough, I felt as if I needed to receive justice for myself as well as the animals who graced my life with their presence.

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How to help a grieving pet

When a furry family member crosses over the bridge, it’s hard on everyone, including surviving pets. Dealing with your own grief, and the grief of your human children, is difficult enough without also worrying about a remaining pet that may have stopped eating or is showing other signs of depression.


When two fur children are closely bonded and one of them dies, the surviving pet may have what experts refer to as a “distress reaction” that is similar in many ways to human grief. Some of the signs include:

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Plug into the power of prayer and meditation

Prayer is the practice of connecting to something deeper and more meaningful in life. It is rooted in a sense of spirituality. Prayer has two dimensions, one internal in the form of self-reflection and self-awareness, and the other external in a sense of connection with a depth, something bigger than the self and an inner dependency with all the other creation.

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you know what is good for you…

I’ve had a rough few weeks.

While dealing with everything, and believe me there has been a LOT – I have had to deal with a hypocrite who is out slandering me due to me sticking by my rules for my business.

When I started 8ight, I decided to set some rules up so that – while I love my craft – I still have the time to spend with my children and have time for myself for my own sanity. I do have a family life and cant always focus on clientelle…

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Open Letter to an Ex “friend”

Dear ex “friend”. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

I would kindly like to let you know that your attempts to get me upset and rile me up or “make up” and “put this behind us” as you so call it, or what ever the heck it is you are doing…. are just plain annoying.

Actually dear ex “friend” yesterday when I walked away from you I did not cry, I did not get angry, I walked away and breathed and centred myself. I brought myself back to me and I carried on being my authentic self.

Our “friendship” was done and dusted over a year ago when I saw your mask fall, and I saw the real you, and I realised that I was not a friend to you but a “friend”. I was a thing to you, a pawn that you could use and control and you made me feel less than the person I really am. You physically, mentally and spiritually stole my light.

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Kindness goes a long way…

So today, I very and I mean very nearly lost my cool.


I’m still struggling a little, especially with steps, with regards to my still healing leg spasms.


Yeah! Well when you walk up or down, the direction doesn’t matter ONE step and you resemble a highly intoxicated version of you and people – judgemental bastards – think that you are in fact intoxicated, driving with two teenagers, always telling each other off, and causing you to retreat to toddler days where you, moaned at them for being bad in the shops and threatened them with the naughty chair. In THAT tone of voice and THAT look on your face.

Okay so I can understand why they think I am intoxicated!! BUT I’M NOT!!! *STOMPS FOOT and throws fist around wildly* No seriously now, Muscle spasms are no bloody joke. I remember laying crying in a heap because walking to the loo was too difficult about 6 weeks ago… It’s been a long recovery let me tell you…

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My healing journey

Thinking that I can finally crack open that bottle of champagne I bought for my 40th.
Yeah, it was an entire month and a few days ago and my bottle has been sitting waiting patiently for me to celebrate.
So you know why I haven’t celebrated yet, I was on drugs…
LOL NOOOOO not thooooose kind of drugs, I was taking medication – a long list I might add, of the kind of pain medication, you are given after you have an op.

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Say and post what you mean – be authentic – be you

I have been feeling incredibly frustrated lately at people who are disingenuous.

If you follow my blog you will know that I am an empath.

As an empath I can pick up on others energy at the click of a button. I am sure others can relate to this too – so by writing about it and releasing the pent up energy inside me – I hope to let you know that you are not alone!

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Symbolic Pollution

Signs and symbols for lessons come to you in the strangest ways.

Over the last few days we have been blessed with some much needed rain.

My children had asked about the vast amount of road accidents during the week and I explained to them about the emissions, the pollution caused from vehicles on the road surface. I went on to explain further that when it rains that this makes the road surface more slippery and that a lot of people forget this.

Rain as any form of water is cleansing. It cleans out the old and makes everything fresh and new again.

Over the weekend the constant rain had left quite a few sizable puddles. My daughter noted that the pollution we were talking about during the week had made rainbows in the puddles on our driveway.

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Grounding Crystals

I am growing my knowledge of crystals and when someone asked me about crystals used for grounding, I approached our locals to write an article about them so we could all learn a little together…

Thanks go out to Andre and Antoinette who run Enchanted Earth in Bothas Hill for this information Read the rest of this entry

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