How to choose a name for your new pet

Effective communication between animals and their human companions is the hallmark of a good relationship and choosing a good strong name is important when considering this.
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you know what is good for you…

I’ve had a rough few weeks.

While dealing with everything, and believe me there has been a LOT – I have had to deal with a hypocrite who is out slandering me due to me sticking by my rules for my business.

When I started 8ight, I decided to set some rules up so that – while I love my craft – I still have the time to spend with my children and have time for myself for my own sanity. I do have a family life and cant always focus on clientelle…

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How well do you know your loved ones?

So I turned on the TV this morning, and the channel just happened to be on a movie called Meet My Valentine. I usually head off to the music channels… I need that calming, uplifting “drug” to peruse through my day.
Anyway, I liked what the actor had said in a speech on stage about us being blank canvasses, so decided to let the movie run while I worked.

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Things your deceased pet wants you to know

I have been working with a few guardians recently and decided to compose a few posts on crossing over.
I hope that though posting these more people are helped through their process of grieving the loss of their pets.

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What happens to animals when they die 15 May ’16 address

A few people asked me to post my address I did at The Centre of the Universal Mind on 15 May’16.

I hope that those who attended the service could relate to what I had to say…
Thank you to Liz for the invitation and to the congregation for having me and for your friendliness.

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50 Signs of Awakening

  1. Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you. Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you. In layman’s terms you will notice that when you focus on something, and it’s meant to be, it happens!


  1. Seeking new friends and groups who are interested in the integrated life of the spirit (meaning balance in mind-body-spirit) like-minded friends who can support and understand your mutual weirdness and help you through the times that confuse you… they become friends, mentors, teachers and you will surprisingly do the same for them… flaws and all!


  1. Some say you feel more energetic, others can feel more drained… this is dependent on how grounded you are and how much you’ve experienced and learned…

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Open Letter to an Ex “friend”

Dear ex “friend”. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

I would kindly like to let you know that your attempts to get me upset and rile me up or “make up” and “put this behind us” as you so call it, or what ever the heck it is you are doing…. are just plain annoying.

Actually dear ex “friend” yesterday when I walked away from you I did not cry, I did not get angry, I walked away and breathed and centred myself. I brought myself back to me and I carried on being my authentic self.

Our “friendship” was done and dusted over a year ago when I saw your mask fall, and I saw the real you, and I realised that I was not a friend to you but a “friend”. I was a thing to you, a pawn that you could use and control and you made me feel less than the person I really am. You physically, mentally and spiritually stole my light.

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Kindness goes a long way…

So today, I very and I mean very nearly lost my cool.


I’m still struggling a little, especially with steps, with regards to my still healing leg spasms.


Yeah! Well when you walk up or down, the direction doesn’t matter ONE step and you resemble a highly intoxicated version of you and people – judgemental bastards – think that you are in fact intoxicated, driving with two teenagers, always telling each other off, and causing you to retreat to toddler days where you, moaned at them for being bad in the shops and threatened them with the naughty chair. In THAT tone of voice and THAT look on your face.

Okay so I can understand why they think I am intoxicated!! BUT I’M NOT!!! *STOMPS FOOT and throws fist around wildly* No seriously now, Muscle spasms are no bloody joke. I remember laying crying in a heap because walking to the loo was too difficult about 6 weeks ago… It’s been a long recovery let me tell you…

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My healing journey

Thinking that I can finally crack open that bottle of champagne I bought for my 40th.
Yeah, it was an entire month and a few days ago and my bottle has been sitting waiting patiently for me to celebrate.
So you know why I haven’t celebrated yet, I was on drugs…
LOL NOOOOO not thooooose kind of drugs, I was taking medication – a long list I might add, of the kind of pain medication, you are given after you have an op.

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who are you to judge?

Not my usual kind of post but I really feel as if I need to say something or I’ll burst…

Towards the end of 2015 the meme’s surfaced with Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana literally trashing The Kardashians.

Is that fur I see??? to the activist I saw saying that Audrey wasn’t a “fur hag” unlike the Kardashians… hmmmm

Don’t get me wrong I am by no means trying to condone wearing fur, unless of course the fur is live and has a nasty habit of clawing your boobs as if they are his comfy kneading pillows…

But… I really can’t say that I haven’t used the “sex sells” route in my advertising history… so we’ll just scratch that from the list of ways to bash The Kardashians…

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