Readings are done from clear photographs. The following options are available:

Email readings: recipients receive a beautiful pdf booklet with their reading. 
Cost: R 350 (all questions to be asked in a single session once the email reading has been completed)
Whatsapp readings: 1 hour long

Cost: R 300
Additions to readings:
Cost: From R100 / addition
Please note that readings are done/sent once proof of payment has been received

Personal Readings
I channel via my Spirit Guides to assist in steering you in the right direction and making the most out of your situation positively.


  • Spirit Guide introductions
  • Totem Animals

Please state what you would like included with your personal reading so that it can be included into the cost

Spirit Guide Introductions
Introduction to your Spirit Guide – this includes a description and message from the guide

Totem animals
Totem animals give insight into your current situation, and affirm spiritual goals.

Rainbow Bridge Readings
Psychic channeling helps recipients with their grieving process and serves as a form of closure once a beloved animal has crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

Communicating telepathically with an animal is about seeing the world from the animal’s perspective, and not just seeing, but sensing in every possible way.
Sensing the emotional as well as the physical needs of all animals.
Animals are very much in touch with everything. Our often negative thoughts and stresses impact on an animal so it is important for us to learn to modify and communicate in a positive way and from a space of the present time, rather than from the past or future.

Animal Healing (energy healing)

Contact me via my website, Eight facebook page or via for more information


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