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Missing Dog Information

Many dogs, even dogs that normally are not fearful at home, become terrified when they become lost. While some dogs will ultimately calm down and then approach people, other dogs will continue to run from everyone, including their guardians!

One of the worst things that you can do is call a stray, loose, or stressed dog. That’s because if too many people have already tried to capture the dog, calling him becomes a “trigger” that can cause him to automatically take off in fear when anyone, including his guardian, calls him.

Instead, try to calm the dogs fear and attract him to come to you by remaining calm and possibly some food or a treat. I always suggest to guardians to take a few deep breaths, to try and calm their own anxiety before trying to approach their dogs. Visualising them coming to you or with you is great too. Read the rest of this entry


What to do if your pet has gone missing

If your pet has gone missing please follow the following steps:​










Read the rest of this entry

Prevent back to school blues… For your pets

Its not quite back to school yet…

This article has ideas for you to implement now, while you are on holiday.

As kids go back to school , pets may feel left behind.

When preparing for the day that kids go back to school remember to put your furkids on your prep list.

When your human kids go off to school, your pets have to begin a new routine, after having their family home and available twenty four, seven.

This is a time when they can become bored and could start chewing things that they shouldn’t. To prevent behaviours that you would rather not deal with, prep ahead….

To help ease the transition, try incorporating some of these ideas into your new school routine:


  1. Prep for School

The best time to start is about 2 weeks before school opens.
Plan some activities away from home, and increase the time you spend away every day.
There is no need to spend too much money, a long walk, or hike is a great example.

What is awesome about this idea is that it not only helps your pets adjust, it helps you bust your children’s “end of holiday” boredom.

  1. The Same Old Routine

Pets just like children, thrive on routine, a sudden change can be stressful and disorienting.
Think about the parts of your pet’s current routine – meals, walks, and training – that can stay the same, and try to stick to the established schedule.

Once again, incorporate your children into this routine, especially the littlies, and they will find it easier to adjust to being back at school too.

  1. New and Improved

For any routines that must be altered, replace them with new ones. For example, if you can no longer walk the dog in the morning because you’re driving your child to school…why not just take your pup along for the ride?

  1. Boredom Busters

Imagine being all alone without anything to do all day long.

You can’t even get yourself a snack even though the fridge is right there!

After a few days or weeks of this, you might come up with some…ahem…creative ways to entertain yourself.

Head boredom off at the pass by leaving your pet with interactive toys that engage his mind and body.

Get your children to make toys during the holiday and introduce the toys as you prepare for back to school day. This will increase their bond with your furry family members, bust their boredom, and your pets will have some new and exciting toys.

  1. After School Special

Talk to your children about how much your pets miss them when they’re at school. Encourage them to spend some quality one-on-one time with their special buddy when they get home. This might mean playing together in the back yard, talking to them about what they learned, or curling up on the couch and doing homework or reading out loud with the pet by their side.

Pets like to hear your voice so encourage your kids to read to them. Once again this little tip benefits both pets and kids!

  1. New Year, New Responsibilities

Including kids in pet-related chores is a great way to teach compassion and commitment. So with each new school year, give your child a little more responsibility when it comes to your pet. Make sure tasks are age-appropriate so that both kid and critter are set up for success!

  1. Weight Watchers

With school in session, chances are he’s not as active as he was during the holiday. Even just one or two extra pounds can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. So take a second look at his diet and adjust meals and treats as necessary.

Take this tip into consideration when deciding on boredom busters…


  1. Class Act

Yes, you can teach an old (or young) dog new tricks!

And why should kids have all the back-to-school fun, anyway?

New Year is the perfect time to sign your pooch up for a new training class.
Depending on where you live, you might find options that range from obedience to agility to canine choreography!

Involve your kids to keep the holiday bond going, or make use of this idea to have a supportive and encouraging buddy at your side for those New Year’s resolutions.

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tips for pets – fireworks

One of the most troubling times of the year for pet owners is fireworks season.

The best way to approach something that your pets react negatively to is to be prepared.

If your pet reacts fearfully to loud noises, fireworks and the loud bangs that come along with it are going to be an issue.


Read the rest of this entry

How do you know if an animal welfare organisation is worth receiving YOUR HARD EARNED CASH?

How do you know that the organisation you support is LEGITIMATE, ABOVE BOARD, and that most importantly in a time when most people are counting their pennies – is your hard earned money being used effectively?

The truth is organisations need to be ADOPTING; and they need to be need to be educating about ADOPTION.


They need to STERILISE and they need to be educating about STERILISATION.


Animal welfare organisations need to be EDUCATING, STERILISING and ADOPTING out.


As the public we need to support animal welfare organisations that are transparent.

Why do they need to be transparent?

Well, let’s just say that if an organisation is not transparent, the organisation you have donated to could just as well be squandering YOUR MONEY on whatever their hearts desire.

How do you know that an organisation is transparent?

You can search for the organisation that you would like to support on every NPO has to submit financials on a regular basis. If there are no financials you can request to view them. NPO’s and NPC ‘s are public entities and cannot object to the public asking questions about where they spend YOUR MONEY. If they aren’t 100& above board you can report them *even anonymously* on the same site and they will be audited.

You need to see that they are making a difference – how do you do this?

Ask questions.

  • A good organisation will have no objections to you asking questions. They will be more than willing to indulge queries from the most ludicrous to the most intellectual.
  • A good organisation will have a good balance of happy tails and problem areas. The thing with problem areas is that they should be making a visible effort to mend these issues.
  • A good organisation tells you what they are spending donations on.
  • A good organisation aligns themselves with other good organisations. They certainly don’t cause problems for other organisations whether financial or otherwise.
  • A good organisation does NOT BREED. They educate people about sterilisation. The animals on their premises should be sterilised; or in the process of being sterilised. Adoptees should not leave the organisation intact – if the adoptee is too young to leave sterilised; a sterilisation contract should be drawn up.

    WHY? Because there are far too many unsterilized, unhomed animals – too many healthy animals are PUT TO SLEEP every year – every month – every week – every day….

Organisations should be seen as entities who are working towards the greater goal of ending this.

  • A good organisation operates on a strict, adopt – don’t shop basis.
  • A good organisation operates with an adoption fee. An adoption fee, gives the organisation the opportunity to rescue more animals. This in turn should cancel out a portion of needing to ask for donations from the public. This would mean that YOUR MONEY gets put to better use.
  • A good organisation conducts home checks. Once again the reason for this is because there are too many unhomed animals. Not only that – organisations need to be certain that animals will be safe and secure in their FUREVER HOME. They need to be certain that their animals will not end up boomeranging back in to animal welfare system again. They need to be certain that their animals will not end up as bait or fighting animals in fighting rings.
  • A good organisation does follow up checks. For the same reasons as my previous point.
  • A good organisation has approved foster homes. Foster homes are scrutinised as strictly as potential homes. Once again for the same reasons as conducting home checks.
  • A good organisation should have no problem with the public spending time with their animals. They should be able to tell the public about their animals’ behaviour. I.e. their animals should be assessed.
  • A good organisation knows their limits


Tips to look for on social media:

A good balance of posts:

  • NO 1 should be adoptions,
  • Happy tails – conquests – good news
  • Few pleas for donations.
  • Other organisations should be thanked appropriately for their contributions.
  • The public should be thanked for their contributions.
  • If they break social media rules – are they not perhaps breaking other bigger rules?
  • You can’t be serious all the time – there should be a reason to laugh sometimes too.


If you don’t see this happening, either don’t support them or help them on the right path… they should be open to your help and suggestions.


If they haven’t shared this article, maybe you should ask why? Is there perhaps something here that they are not doing?


The most vetoed comment on my Facebook page was by Michelle Raath: She said: “Those that make a difference to the animals and not to themselves personally. Those that help other shelters and organisations. Organisations that give feedback and statistics, are open about themselves.”

Others commenting mentioned the following points about why they supported organisations

  • Spayathons
  • Having the animals best interest at heart
  • High Standards
  • Caring staff
  • Every cent donated goes to the animals
  • Being appreciative of all and any help
  • Supporting the animals in action and not only words
  • Organisations that township outreach programmes
  • Exposing animal abuse
  • Creating awareness
  • Where it is about the animals, sterries, and education
  • Those that acknowledge other organisations for the work they have done
  • Those who take no salaries

Thank you to everyone who took part! I appreciate every comment made

Please feel free to comment below if you feel I have left something out.

It is important to the animals that we do right by them.


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Sad Cat and Sad Dog Diary

These are absolutely my favourite videos from BuzzFeed.

And because I love my fans I decided to post one for cat people and one for dog people….

Sad Cat and Dog Diary

Those who enjoy both – you know what to do 🙂

It is so true to both the cat and dog.

enjoy Read the rest of this entry

Cars on the Green at Kloof and Highway SPCA

Kloof and Highway SPCA have many clever fundraising ideas and Cars on the green is one of my favourites.


I have taken my children to the event for the last three years. It acts as an added birthday treat for my son and we get to support the good work that this SPCA branch does in the community. Read the rest of this entry

Dog Fighting – Indifference KILLS

Animals are voiceless.

They are subjected to intolerable forms of cruelty – dog fighting in my opinion being one of the worst.

I speak from experience when I say that fighting dogs experience torture so extremely that I am finding it difficult to put into words.


Dont walk away – read on

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6th dog sense

For a long time now, I have used my animals’ judgement to assess the nature of people I meet.

I am not saying that I am a poor judge of character – In truth I find it’s quite the opposite and that my intuition is always right. The predicament is that I always give people more chances than they actually deserve. My heart over-rides my intuition and more than often – I end up getting hurt.

In some cases my heart still dominates the decision making process and it ends up limping around bandaged and feeling sorry for itself.

If only I would listen to my furry family and my intuition 100% of the time.

When I was a teenager Read the rest of this entry

Did you know that the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is toxic to dogs?

I try to finish up my articles, networking and design by at least 12:30 every day so that I can have an hour or so to myself to clear my head before I fetch my children from school. I decided on a particular occasion to turn on the television, and ended up watching Bondi Vet.

As you know I am animal crazy so when I came across this information the first thing I thought of was “AH BLOG – IT!” Read the rest of this entry

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