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Di explores animal healing in book trilogy Westville Mail July 2017

Westville mom, Di Kendall, bared her heart and soul in her first book and built upon its success by launching another two books to help others find healing with their pets.
The 41 year old first put pen to paper in 2008, deciding it was time to find her own sense of healing from a traumatic past.

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My Story – Why I chose Animals

A good few years back, an author friend of mine encouraged me to write my story for her blog. She was highlighting the healing power of journaling or blogging about experiences with domestic violence.

I wrote an edited version of my experiences and circulated it since then.

In the back of my mind though, I never felt like it was enough, I felt as if I needed to receive justice for myself as well as the animals who graced my life with their presence.

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The Cycle of Abuse – updated

I think it is time that we remind ourselves about what abuse is during the trial of Oscar Pistorius. This is also due to my past , and realising that still today 16 years after my mom, brother and I packed up and left, that “friends and family” do not clearly understand how damaging and terrifying our experiences were. Read the rest of this entry

The point of things. Why do I Blog? and a survey…

Why do I blog?

This feels a little like a school essay. *laughs*

Why do I blog? 27 February 2013

OK, let’s get serious.

I blog because its a form of healing for me. There are just some things that you need to get off your chest. I tend to bottle everything up otherwise and well, just like what happens to a bottle of coke when you add a mint to it… It explodes.

I blog about what’s important to me; my kids; animals; I blog about life. If you’re a regular here you’ll know I’m a little squishy, part sentimental, passionate about animals and I LOVE to laugh.

If I blog about a subject or something really really personal, its because I feel that someone out there will gain something from it.

My main objective, my ultimate goal is to show a connection between animal abuse and domestic abuse. Statistics in SA about animals are slim and many people don’t realise the connection.

So to kick start my goal, I’ll be running my own survey. If you want to take part, and I mean be committed to taking part comment ꜜ down there ꜜ in the comments section, or email me on with your info.

What I’d like to know is:

1. If you grew up living with domestic violence or if you were a partner / wife / husband / family of an abuser;

*a) Did the abuser – also abuse your / his / her pets?

*b) Did the abuser – start out by abusing your / his / her animals before progressing to you / your children / your family?

*c) Did the abuser – abuse the animals when you / your children / family weren’t around?

Then… If you’re really brave; could you tell a bit of your story? Please tell me your real name (for statistics purposes) but I am very happy to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy, if I use your story in a blog.
Tell it all or just a bit, writing is an amazing healing tool…

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