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you know what is good for you…

I’ve had a rough few weeks.

While dealing with everything, and believe me there has been a LOT – I have had to deal with a hypocrite who is out slandering me due to me sticking by my rules for my business.

When I started 8ight, I decided to set some rules up so that – while I love my craft – I still have the time to spend with my children and have time for myself for my own sanity. I do have a family life and cant always focus on clientelle…

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Reflecting on 2015

As the year is drawing to a close I have found myself reflecting on what the year was.

If I look back just 1 year – I am thankful that one supposed friend allowed me to see her for the person that she really was.

Yes, it hurt. It hurt like crazy.

But hurting…

Made me decide to chase my dreams. Dreams I thought would be in second place to someone else’s just so that I could have a job and some kind of “importance” that I could say I was a part of.


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… but I know better

This morning I sat and thought – I have come across people using the words

“… but I know better”

I would like to say do you REALLY know better?

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Open Letter to “the words”

Open Letter to “the words”

these are words - image from google images.

these are words – image from google images.

Seeing as you are too cowardly to approach me to my face, an open letter must be appropriate.

Let me explain to you how life works, the silver spoon you had placed in your mouths as children has obviously blinded your clear view of REALITY

To begin let me start with your latest petty issue. My children are just that MINE. If I decide that before they leave on trips to visit family… (oops sorry WORDS) that they will have clean rooms and packed school bags prior to leaving. Guess what THEY WILL!
Contrary to what YOU believe I am not doing this to be a SPITEFUL AND VINDICTIVE BITCH.
Because you don’t have children, (oh sorry couldn’t be bothered with your own child), let me explain this to you slowly and in BIG letters in case your glasses aren’t working.


That doesn’t make me a spiteful vindictive bitch, it makes me A GOOD MOTHER!

This also shows your utter DISRESPECT towards me and how I am raising my children.


When you are invited to a child’s birthday you must remember that YOU ARE THE ADULT and acting like a spoiled brat because the metaphorical red carpet wasn’t rolled out for you is NOT APPROPRIATE.

Have you not grown up yet?

These are things that children understand, I know, I have a 9 and a 12 year old who understand clearly.

Sending nasty emails, because you were invited along with others, (who by the way had NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER and ALL attended.) and tell GENETIC FAMILY ie. ME that it is only my words that we are family proves that you are the one who is actually SPITEFUL.

Takes one to THINK you know one.


You are actually the ones who are VINDICTIVE.

Once again, takes one to THINK you know one!

Why do I say this?


Do you not know the answer?

Unfortunately it takes a compassionate person to see the pain in someone else’s eyes.

I know for a fact you have none because you keep DOOM to spray at MONKEYS. Oh by the way, the monkeys WERE there BEFORE you! It is in fact YOU who is living in a property that wiped out THEIR HOME and they have more of a right to be there than you do!

Back to my point:

When you started your petty VENDETTA against my mother, (which no one really knows what it is about.)
YOU not only HURT her, you also HURT your wife, who is by no means immune to this open letter as she allows you to act like a spoiled brat and TEAR HER FAMILY (oops… words) APART AT THE SEAMS

Not only did YOU hurt her, YOU HURT MY GRANDMOTHER! You hurt her so deeply!

You will NEVER in your pathetic life fathom the wealth of a mothers heart!

Why does no one know what YOUR vendetta is about?


Well from experience I realise that it was your SPITEFUL, AND VINDICTIVE nature that had to hide the facts as there is a vast likelihood that YOU were the cause of the problem or maybe you are still as PETTY AND PATHETIC now as you were then. Or maybe your small man syndrome is still very much in tact. Or all of the above…

Yeah, I think I’ve hit the nail right on the head.

While I am on a roll, let me explain that no matter how your egotistical mind thinks, you CANNOT BUY LOVEand by the way that comes from my mother…

The one you hate so much..

You know…

I am sure you remember her…

Seems you have HUGE issues with mothers. You didn’t treat your own very well either now did you. Nor your mother-in-law who you and your wife sent to a DUMP no bigger than a jail cel away from her grandchildren, who by the way HAD BETTER ACCOMODATION for her to live her last days out!


So please take your bloody money and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

My soul has evolved enough to know that in this world all money is there for is to buy food and keep you comfortable. LOVE IS PRICELESS AND UNCONDITIONAL like the love you get from children and animals. Not that you would know – you support their demise.

So now please go on your merry way and waste your money following Andre Rieu around the country side.

I’ll be right here, loving my children and going to their events out of LOVE and I certainly won’t have to wait for fickle family oops, sorry, words to decide whether Andre Rieu or a rugby match is far more important.

And now when I say GOODBYE its not cheers for now, its FOREVER and I do it on behalf of my children who don’t need to hear at their worst points of their lives that they aren’t welcome in their childhood home. A home that by the way was never yours to make that decision.

OHANA - FAMILY - not words. image from google images

OHANA – FAMILY – not words. image from google images

Enjoy what’s left of your life, God knows, I don’t wish you any bad thoughts as I know you wish me. I only wish those evil thoughts you wish me to return to you, ten fold, with LOVE


please note: above mentioned VERBAL ABUSE took place during the 16 days of activism against abuse

please note: above mentioned VERBAL ABUSE took place during the 16 days of activism against abuse

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