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How well do you know your loved ones?

So I turned on the TV this morning, and the channel just happened to be on a movie called Meet My Valentine. I usually head off to the music channels… I need that calming, uplifting “drug” to peruse through my day.
Anyway, I liked what the actor had said in a speech on stage about us being blank canvasses, so decided to let the movie run while I worked.

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Goodbye my princhipessa

My heart is broken in a gazillion pieces.

My wounds are raw, open painful, bleeding and ghastly.

I feel like I am dieing inside.

I can’t turn the replay off in my head.

Those are the words that describe how I am feeling.

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Okay, so I started affirming what I was grateful for on Facebook but I kind of lost track and although I can’t say that this year has been terrible – I can say that I would like the coming days to be better and better.

I am definitely being led to find things that I “just need to” get out there – put out into the world – inspiration – watch the love grow from one to another – and well – when I am inspired – I tend to inspire others it’s a ripple effect.

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… but I know better

This morning I sat and thought – I have come across people using the words

“… but I know better”

I would like to say do you REALLY know better?

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Eight now has a you tube channel!  8ightTV – I have always wanted to share inspirational videos, and now this baby is mine and I am loving it. There is much more to come – I am spreading my wings – so watch this space!


Why Eight?

For a few months now, I have been drawn to the infinity symbol.

At one mind body and soul fair a drew the number 8 card and the lady reader likened the eight to infinity and that I would find myself better suited having grounded myself more. At that stage I had put my passion with animals aside completely, I was so focused on someone else’s dream that mine became clouded.

Then things changed, I had time to “see” my situation and how I wanted to change it. It’s been running over in my mind for days, years even but put on hold.

Eight is Infinity – Paradise regained.


My dreams, my paradise was on hold and I was obliviously blinded by unneeded rose coloured glasses. Now I can move forward fresh, no negative cloud over my head and do what makes me happy. Paradise regained… Journey firmly on route…

Here are the meanings of Eight and Infinity which made sense to me after I woke up with EIGHT shining in my mind a neon light saying you’ll be going in the right direction by doing this….

Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics.

The 8 in numerology, balances the material and immaterial worlds. At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic. The spiritual side of the 8 is practical, realistic and intelligent. It knows the difference between make-believe and genuine spiritual realizations. On the material plane, it is focused on results, often in the form of money, yet does not care much about money for the sake of money. It is not greedy, it sees money as a tool, not an end-result. It is generous and willing to take risks.


Angel Number 8 tells you to have faith and trust in your own abilities, skills and talents, and to use them to their highest potential.


The vibration and energy of the number 8 are those of authority, personal power and inner-strength, inner-wisdom, manifesting abundance and prosperity, giving and receiving, self-reliance and dependability and achieving success.  Number 8 is also the number of Karma, the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect – so you sow, so shall you reap.


Angel Number 8 is a message from the angels that financial abundance is on its way to you.  You have worked diligently and intelligently towards achieving your goals and aspirations, and your just rewards will be yours.  Be grateful for the blessings in your life, and for those yet to come.


Eight is the number of Jesus, whose name in the Greek adds up to 888.


The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man’s true ‘born again’ event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life.


Kabbalah – Eight, on the other hand, is symbolic of an entity that is one step above the natural order, higher than nature and its limitations. That’s why Chanukah is eight days long—the greatly outnumbered Maccabees’ resolve to battle the Greeks wasn’t logical or natural. They drew on reservoirs of faith and courage that are not part of normative human nature. They therefore merited a miracle higher than nature – a miracle that lasted eight days – and to commemorate this, we light on Chanukah an eight-branched menorah

Eight is perfect intelligence; splendour. The digit value of “IHVH” is the “Number of the Lord”

Buddhist tradition: eight is completion, all possibilities.


Chinese system of belief eight represents the whole. It is all possibilities in manifestation.


Hindu: 8×8 symbolism is the order of the celestial world established on earth. Temples are built on the pattern of the MANDALA, which is the 8×8 symbol. In their belief system there are eight regions of the world, suns, divisions of the day, and eight chakras. *strangely I  have been pointed in the direction of mandalas and at another soul fair, connected with the purple energy of a Guru who told me I was open to so much more growth and beautiful energy. *


The eighth strand of DNA vibrates with the pyrites crystal and vibrates to the number eight. And this is connected to the solar plexus chakra. The eighth strand of DNA is about looking at your emotional foundation. It forces you to look at how you honour and respect yourself. It asks you to look at the boundaries that you have set and those of you who are going through deep challenges at this time with regards to looking at boundaries you are working with the frequency of the eighth strand of DNA.


Tarot: As an evolved child of structure, the number eight seeks balance with non-structure. Number eight is about cycles, revolutions, and progress gained on the invisible level.


Eights Most obvious symbolic tell is its written Arabic form (“8”). When we recognize is voluptuous curves, we also identify the lemniscate or infinity symbol. This symbol deals with balance, time, and more interestingly, the recycling travel path of energy.


And that is why I chose Eight… with good balance, love, kindness, generosity and beautiful energy exchanges Eight will grow abundantly in every way that matters.

so… watch this space… I have new ideas and can’t wait to share them with you!

Love to all…

The year has started with a tough realisation for me a LOAD of hurt and one broken heart after the next. Let’s just say that I have thought in the past few days why I am alive and why I should not just simply end it. I am not quite ready to write about my experiences but words are fluttering through my mind from all directions and I do believe that I am beginning to see the lessons and am growing.

Growing into a better person than I was yesterday.

This story was sent to me via email and whether true or not it came with a profound message which touched me immensely.

I hope that you can resonate with it and maybe you could share it with someone you care about…

Maybe a little message for children going back to school after the December holidays too….

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What I learned from children’s stories

I always talk about inspiring others through the most amazing life journeys, and that by sharing your story you could just be helping another person…

I for one don’t have the greatest past but I am learning to look at my past as a series of lessons that made me a better person today, and will see me improving myself tomorrow and learning and growing through life.children blog Read the rest of this entry

You hit like a girl

Have you seen the campaign going around the phrase “you need to Man Up”?


Well this Always campaign goes on the same theory, excepting its about girls…

Watch the vid and scroll down because I have another one for you… Read the rest of this entry

LOVE LETTER – to the world

Feeling B L E S S E D

I have a smile on my face and I am feeling good right down to my core.

My journey to get here wasn’t simple. Like I always say “I am a work in progress”.

SO let me give you the short of it.

Not to be negative but a lot of people don’t surprise me by their actions. Others really do.

This is one of those – “you told you so” moments.

In fact you could say that we’ve experienced a beautiful contradiction. Read the rest of this entry

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