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Di explores animal healing in book trilogy Westville Mail July 2017

Westville mom, Di Kendall, bared her heart and soul in her first book and built upon its success by launching another two books to help others find healing with their pets.
The 41 year old first put pen to paper in 2008, deciding it was time to find her own sense of healing from a traumatic past.

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My MOMfessional

Today My Story will be featured on They call me mummy’s – MOMfessional

They call me mummy's - MOMfessional

They call me mummy’s – MOMfessional

I hope that My Story is an inspiration or light bulb moment for someone who needs it.

Do you have a story? One that may help someone else, maybe as written on MOMfessional, a secret or some dirty laundry, a skeleton or two in your closet?

MOMfessional is a space where other parenting bloggers can come clean.

If you want to take part, or would like to read other MOMfessionals pop over to They call me mummy’s – MOMfessional page and check it out.

For today though, go over there and say some nice things on my featured post… I’ll send you a BIG squishy virtual hug in return.
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