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Plug into the power of prayer and meditation

Prayer is the practice of connecting to something deeper and more meaningful in life. It is rooted in a sense of spirituality. Prayer has two dimensions, one internal in the form of self-reflection and self-awareness, and the other external in a sense of connection with a depth, something bigger than the self and an inner dependency with all the other creation.

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Teaching positive thinking to children

I am a parent who feels it necessary to instil values in my children that will help them to stand up and be head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to them being their authentic selves.

When I look at my journey of spirituality I have struggled immensely to have faith in myself and my abilities. It took me quite some time to clear off ingrained idiocies that were drummed into me. I had to clear my slate as such so that I could progress. I wish that I had the opportunity to start with something as simple as positive thinking. Read the rest of this entry

Positive living – why are the negatives still there?

Why do you still have negative things happen in your life, even if you practice having a positive mindset, live positively and with gratitude.
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