Adding a new pet to your family

The joy a dog brings to a household is unmistakable, which is why it’s often hard to resist the idea of welcoming another pooch into your home. But before you start trolling the adoption sites for cute canines, there are some things to consider prior to introducing a second dog into your family. These tips should help keep the process of adopting a second pup fun — and drama free.

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Signs your dog may be in pain

I am regularly asked if it is time for a Dog to go to the vet.
Here are some tip offs for you to assess whether your Dog needs medical intervention. Read the rest of this entry

Signs your Cat May Be In Pain

I am regularly asked if it is time for a cat to go to the vet.
Here are some tip offs for you to assess whether your cat needs medical intervention.

Cats are very stoic animals and it can be difficult for owners to tell when their beloved kitties are experiencing pain. This is because cats have developed from wild ancestors and in the wild showing any signs of pain could get you exiled and even killed. Even the most involved owners can miss signs of pain in cats, so don’t feel too guilty if you’ve done it before. Just make sure to become knowledgeable with the signs and seek veterinary attention to get your feline friend feeling better in no time.

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Introducing a collar for the first time


This blog I wrote to add to the sequence of pieces about introducing a new pet and for pet safety while moving house. I hope you are finding the information useful.
Items needed:
  • Treats
  • Collar
  • Harness
  • Toys

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Getting your cat used to the cat carrier

E2416One of the reasons many cat guardians are so reluctant to take their pet to the vet, or anywhere, is because most kitties fight tooth-and-nail to avoid being placed in a carrier. The reason for crate hate is usually because the cat only sees the evil device once or twice a year, and it represents confinement, a scary ride in a car, and a visit to a place (the veterinary clinic) that feels very threatening. The drama increases your stress levels and in turn increases kitty’s stress levels over and above what they are at the time. Read the rest of this entry

Missing pet poster info

Next in my series of Missing Pet posts, is how to design your own missing pet poster.

It may seem silly, but a lot of posters circulating make common mistakes, having the correct info and sharing it wisely can help you in the search of your missing pet Read the rest of this entry

Missing Dog Information

Many dogs, even dogs that normally are not fearful at home, become terrified when they become lost. While some dogs will ultimately calm down and then approach people, other dogs will continue to run from everyone, including their guardians!

One of the worst things that you can do is call a stray, loose, or stressed dog. That’s because if too many people have already tried to capture the dog, calling him becomes a “trigger” that can cause him to automatically take off in fear when anyone, including his guardian, calls him.

Instead, try to calm the dogs fear and attract him to come to you by remaining calm and possibly some food or a treat. I always suggest to guardians to take a few deep breaths, to try and calm their own anxiety before trying to approach their dogs. Visualising them coming to you or with you is great too. Read the rest of this entry

Missing Cat Information

The following information is specifically for cats, and what to do if they are missing.









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What to do if your pet has gone missing

If your pet has gone missing please follow the following steps:​










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Can you tell a pet what to do? – animal communication

I am asked time and again to communicate to an animal to do something. For them to stop misbehaving, to eat their food, to not eat so much food and the list goes on.
I’ve even received correspondence where guardians tell me that they requested the assistance of a communicator, who said that they told a pet to stop a behaviour; that it hasn’t stopped; and that they are at their witts end and ready to rehome their pet.

This nonsense grates me. Instead of ranting I’m rather going to explain to you how communication works.

An animal communicator delivers a message. Yes we are the email delivery service between humans and animals.

A communicator cannot simply tell an animal to do something. Read the rest of this entry

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